1. gc335

    4th Annual Wicked Schiit Meet - New England - Oct 21, 2023

    A few updates based on some questions I've received. There will be no wifi at the venue. Please bring transports, physical media, hotspots or local files. If you have them, bring extension cords and power strips. 10am - Doors open. I'm going to get there early if possible to start setting...
  2. kvtaco17

    (Interest Check) Minnesota Meet

    Hello all! Its been a few years since I've been active here (like 9 actually) and would like to reconnect with everyone. If there's enough of us we can even setup a full blown meet. Some of you may remember me from the the 2014 Needle Doctor meet that I setup, well this time we will have to be...
  3. DeviousEnigma

    Bay Area Meet January 29, 2023

    Hi everybody! As some of you may know, we started up a local discord community centered around rebuilding the bustling Bay Area community that was before the pandemic. We have been having monthly mini meets and it's time we leveled up. We are announcing our first big meet. This will be open to...
  4. gc335

    3rd Annual Wicked Schiit Meet - New England - Jan 14th, 2023

    Save the date! It's official! I'm very excited to announce that Schiit is sponsoring a meet again after some time off due to Covid. Here is the link for the impression thread from 2019. We are using the same location. There will be more details to follow. I just wanted to make a post so...
  5. bgpolyhistor

    Louisville Meet

    I was just trying to gauge interest for meeting up in Louisville. Really no shops for high end portable audio, it would be nice to hear some different gear and meet other community members. Anyone interested?
  6. DecentLevi

    Impressions Seattle meet Saturday January 25th (north Seattle) - revised forum category

    Attendees of the one-off local Head-Fi meet up in north Seattle (Urban Luxe Cafe), we would love to see your impressions here :)
  7. DecentLevi

    Seattle Head-Fi meet Saturday January 25th - ORIGINAL for this date

    Greetings fellow Seattle area hi-fi audio hobbyists! Let's ring in the new year in style with a new concept meet at a cafe venue. After 3 highly successful meets in the S.F. Bay Area I thought I'd set up a headphone meet at a cool venue in my hometown. I've visited and confirmed they have 2...
  8. Sennheiser

    Special "Meet Your Maker" Event in Las Vegas

    Saturday, August 24th, 3PM - 9PM, the Audio Video Boutique is hosting a local meet. Prominently featured will be auditions with the flagship Sennheiser HE-1 Orpheus, our most uncompromising headphone of otherworldly sound and timeless beauty. As an added attraction, this event is also a great...
  9. 40lb

    Okinawa Meet Interest?

    On the island for a bit, seeing if there are other fellow audiophiles on the island to do a meet.
  10. BooUrns

    ZMFestivus II: October 5th, 2019

    ZMFestivus II: SATURDAY OCTOBER 5th 2019 ZMFestivus is a community Head-Fi meet hosted by ZMFheadphones! It’s a giant party to celebrate the community from which we were born and a time to hang out, have good times, and perseverate over acute perceived differences in mid-range presentation...

    Washington, DC./Maryland/Virginia Head-Fi Member Meet - May 18, 2019 - Gaithersburg, MD


    Washington, DC./Maryland/Virginia Head-Fi Meet - May 18, 2019 - Gaithersburg, MD

    This is the IMPRESSIONS discussion thread, we welcome you to post your evaluations and comments now that the meet is done! A BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE THAT CAME AND ESPECIALLY TO THOSE WHO HELPED FUND THE COSTS, BROUGHT GEAR SO THAT WE COULD EXPERIENCE THE VERY BEST IN AUDIO AND THEN FREELY...
  13. Malfunkt

    Edmonton Winter Meet Nov 17th 2018 @ U of A - EHE

    As the snow settles here in the Great North, many of us will be spending a bit less time outdoors, which means more time for headphones! Get a chance to hear some incredible gear. Join our local Facebook group and let us know you are coming or comment below. Event here...
  14. BooUrns

    The Inaugural ZMFestivus 2018: Chicago 12/9/18

    A ZMFestivus Head-Fi Meet: Chicago 12/9/18 Hey everyone- We’ve been thinking of throwing a meet together for a while now and decided there is no time like the present! Thus we have booked a fun spot in the West Loop of Chicago for a meet on Sunday, December 9th. Sorry if this happens to be...
  15. gc335

    The WickedSchiit Meet - New England - Nov 18th, 2018

    Update: I need a final headcount no later than 11/13 for catering. If your are a maybe please update your vote. The plan is to have a lunch and then an afternoon snack. If you will be arriving after lunch or leaving early please PM me so that I can get accurate numbers. Also, please let me...
  16. AthenaZephyrian

    Interest poll: Piedmont region North Carolina (NC)--Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill

    I'm checking to see if there's interest in forming an event in the RDU/Chapel Hill area.
  17. jazzfan

    SF South Bay Meet - Saturday, November 3, 2018

    Calling All SF South Bay Head-Fiers, this meet is finally happening! [Last updated 11/02/18 - See New tag ] Attendance is now at capacity, but check back for updates INTEREST THREAD for this meet. What 2018 SF South Bay Head-Fi Meet Admission: Free This mini-meet is open to all, on a first...
  18. jazzfan

    SF South Bay Meet - Saturday, November 3, 2018 Impressions

    Well, it finally happened, another South Bay Head-Fi meet and we had a FULL house! ANNOUNCEMENT THREAD for this meet. I don't think we could have squeezed in another IEM on the table. I'd like to take a moment thank everyone who participated to help make this event a wonderful success...
  19. atomicbob

    Seattle Summer Meet Impressions, Broadview Library 7/28/18

    Another interesting meet. I enjoyed the opportunity to hear the Ananda planars (thank-you Tim), DNA Sonnet 2, among a number of auditory experiences. Had fun explaining my system to many. There were pictures taken and maybe some of you will share them here. John's 2A3 was definitely a sight to...
  20. slankoe

    Edmonton summer meet on August 6th

    On August 6th, 2018 the Edmonton Headphone Enthusiasts (EHE) are having a meet (click here for more info and to RSVP)! It will be held between 1:00 - 5:00 PM at Urban Tavern (in the party room), and we will be going out for optional dinner and drinks afterwards. Hope to see you there! :)
  21. The_Blood_Raven

    Pittsburgh Head-fi and Audiophile meet - August 4th

    There will be a head-fi meet at Music To My Ear on August 4th. @MTMECraig can be messaged for more details about the shop. The last meet here was a blast with a great deal of interesting gear to try. Returning will be the ZMF Dynamics provided by Zach and local owners to try out. I'll be...
  22. Makiah S

    Atlanta Audio Club - May 6th Headphone Meet Impressions

    A big thank you to John for letting me get the Impressions started for this event! He and his team have an excellent space here for us everything has been very well communicated overall coming up here was easy to find easy to get setup they've been super gracious and very accommodating...
  23. RastaDolphin

    NC Triad Head-Fi-ers

    Just wanted to put out some feelers out there to see if there were any local Head-Fi-ers in the Greensboro, Winston, High Point area that might be up for some mini meets. The Greensboro and Winston libraries both have meeting rooms for use by small groups. Anybody up for something like that?
  24. pkwak

    Can Con Melbourne 2018 around May - expression of interest.

    Hi Guys, I have relocated to Melbourne from Sydney and thought I would like to meet like minded people of Victoria in pursuit of audio nirvana. Please express your interest below and once I have enough people, I will try to organise a meet. Cheers, Paul.
  25. Malfunkt

    Edmonton Head-Fi Meetup Part II: The Cabling

    Date Saturday Jan 27th 10am Hey Edmonton and Alberta area head-fi enthusiasts. We had a great time at our past meet, with a great selection of gear, members and guests. Typically our meets are small, which is good, as we get more chance to check out all the cool gear. @swich401 is looking...