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Edmonton Head-Fi Meetup Part II: The Cabling

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  1. Malfunkt
    Date Saturday Jan 27th 10am

    Hey Edmonton and Alberta area head-fi enthusiasts.

    We had a great time at our past meet, with a great selection of gear, members and guests.

    Typically our meets are small, which is good, as we get more chance to check out all the cool gear.

    @swich401 is looking at reserving a room at the University of Alberta. This allows us ample space as well as individual power outlets.

    So far myself, Swich401 and @slankoe are confirmed. Let us know if you are interested and if that date works.

    We are going to book a bit more time, and will even have some light snacks and refreshments (non-sticky and out of the way of gear of course!).
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  2. Malfunkt
    I recognize that some of you guys may be outside of Edmonton, but thought I'd let you know about an Edmonton meet we are planning for the end of Jan 2018. @dweaver , @ozrainmaker , @AndrewCanDo , @Remiam7 , @Dudco , @Jeff Graw , @Gasdoc , @EdmontonCanuck , @pav13 , @mattcalgary , @musiclover666, @aqsw , @Watagump , @Headphonejunky , @trentrosa , @EmpJ , @Phillay , @Bansaku , @CanadianMaestro , @tomchr , @hakushondaimao , @Thenewguy007 , @valiant66 ,@NemanVtc

    I know its short notice, but let us know if you are interested. We are looking at Jan 27th at the University of Alberta.
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  3. ozrainmaker
    Hello! Thanks for the mention!

    I am definitely interested - I live not too far away from U of A & have Jan 27 free.

    I also have a few Edmonton friends over the internet who may be interested. I have forwarded the message to them and will report back.
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  4. ozrainmaker
    Also i’d Like to help out if you need anything, including bringing snacks. Just let me know what you would like. PM me for my contact info and let’s stay in touch.
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  5. swich401
    I was able to get the same room that we had last time; room 0-48 in the Student's Union Building from 10am-6pm, so we can meet-up anytime during that period (I probably won't stay the whole time there, but other people are welcome to do so if they'd like). It may be best to choose a time range within that block of time when we all meet. I was informed that we can't have food or drinks directly in that room, but there are a lot of tables and chairs directly outside the room where we can have snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic!).
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  6. Malfunkt
    Hi Swich401,

    That sounds great. I will be bringing the same headphones as last time LCD2, HD700, HD250, AH-D2000, MDR7520 as well as an HD630VB. I'm selling one of my AH-D2000 (the mint one) and the MDR7520 (have too many closed backs, so they are up for grabs if they haven't sold by then).
  7. ozrainmaker
    Nice!! I am in the market for a closed-back ... haven’t decided which one. Just curious, can you link the posting? Would like to check it out.

    I will bring my v-moda m100 and beyerdynamic custom studio (dt 770 equivalent) and my grado sr325 if it arrives in time
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  8. ozrainmaker
    Oh! Forgot to ask if there will be WiFi and laptop available? I don’t have a laptop for testing.

    If there is a laptop available, I have o2/odac, a oppo ha-2se, and a beyerdynamic a200 for testing.

    Oppo ha-2 requires a driver for pc laptops (Mac ok) but is also testable phones

  9. swich401
    Hi, yes there is WiFi available, and I'll have my laptop there but hooked up to my Schiit Gumby DAC. I'll also try to remember to bring my tablet which can be hooked up to the HA-2 or ODAC
  10. Malfunkt
    Awesome meeting with @ozrainmaker today. We had a mini-meet at my office space checking out some closed cans and the HA2 (very well built, great feature, with desktop level performance).
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  11. ozrainmaker
    Thanks to @Malfunkt for meeting me and letting me testing out some of his headphones. It was great.

    Can’t wait for the meet up and meet all of you :)
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  12. ozrainmaker
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  13. ozrainmaker
    I got quite a few responses from reddit

    Looks like there will be additional 3-5 people coming!
  14. ozrainmaker
  15. Malfunkt
    @ozrainmaker The room we have probably could hold 7-8 comfortably. We probably will get that just with our group and if we bring guests.

    However, I'm not sure we want to advertise this as a public event. For the meantime, if you can set Facebook page as visible to Friends of Friends. I just want to make sure all of our gear is secure, and that we know the people who are invited.

    @swich401 , what are your thoughts?
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