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Can Con Melbourne 2018 around May - expression of interest.

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  1. pkwak
    Hi Guys,
    I have relocated to Melbourne from Sydney and thought I would like to meet like minded people of Victoria in pursuit of audio nirvana.
    Please express your interest below and once I have enough people, I will try to organise a meet.

  2. hardinge
    Hey Paul, not immediately helpful but I'm in Brissy and would be interested in a Melbourne CanJam later in the year.
  3. pkwak
    Hi hardinge,
    When would you be in Melbourne?
  4. timorinolee
    Based in Melbourne! Don't have much gear, but would love to meet fellow head-fiers.
  5. hardinge
    Hey sorry for delay. At this time the only date i could guarantee would be the same time as Melbourne Hifi Show in October later in the year. Could make it a side event?
  6. pkwak
    hi hardinge,
    Could you please elaborate regarding making it a side event?
  7. hardinge
    I'm not sure how these work officially but would be good to meet up and trial the personal gear that people can bring. Maybe get a few loaner products from some vendors too.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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