1. 04gto

    <SOLD>WTS Tonekraft by Audio Envy HD800/HD800S Balanced Cable PERFECT

    Hello everyone. I am offering a Tonekraft by Audio Envy balanced cable, 10 ft length. $319 plus tax and shipping when new. Barely used. You cannot tell it apart from new, as there is no visible wear or marks. Check out the company website, a lot of research and technology went into the material...
  2. 04gto

    <SOLD> Sennheiser HD800 Excellent condition.

    Hello all I am offering these Sennheiser HD800 Open Back Headphones for sale. Stock, no modifications. Headband pad and ear pads are in excellent condition. They have been used sparingly since new, 8 out of 10 condition. With only minor visible blemishes on the back side (see photos). Come from...
  3. R

    Sennheiser HD800S

    I am selling my Sennheiser set-up (HD800, HD800S and HDV820). I have had some amazing sessions with these babies over the years but I think I have had my fill with headphones as they've mostly been stored away in the last year or so. So it's time for someone else to love and enjoy them. I am the...
  4. Armament

    [WTB] Sennheiser HD800S

    Hello all. Looking to buy the headphones preferably in near mint condition with all of the accessories. Paying around $1000 and am willing to negotiate. Thank you.
  5. D

    HD800S-like headphone?

    Hi! Apologies for the vague title. But I just wanted to ask, what headphone has the clarity, detail, imaging, and soundstage of the HD800S but doesn't compromise on bass and impactfulness? To be completely fair, HD800S is a great headphone. I used BD Amiron for comparison and I really like...
  6. J

    WTB - HD800S

    Looking for a pair of HD800S - preferably a newer one with the updated head band.
  7. J

    FS or FT: Focal Elex SOLD

    Good evening, I'm selling or trading my Focal Elex. Only trade I'm currently interested in are the HD800S (obviously I would add some $$). I understand these are currently on Drop, but rumors have it that they are not shipping currently (might have changed since last I've heard). Selling them...
  8. Cj Gochanour

    [WTB] HD800(S)

    Looking for preferably HD800, will take 800S if the price is comparable. Any condition, any S/N, any accessories. Local to TN. Can pay shipping.
  9. Vitaly2017

    SOLD Wireworld nano eclipse 4.4mm copper 100% SOLD

    Hi I am selling wireworld nano eclipse cable. 10ft long 4.4mm balance all carbon fiber connector and copper pole. Hd800 connectors. Its a 100% all copper wire. Compatible headphones hd800 hd800s hd820 or campfire cascade. In very good condition Paypal fees and shippng included
  10. McPanse

    What’s the going rate for single-owner HD800S?

    I’ve been away from Head-Fi for too long to know what’s the new hotness or what‘s considered a fair price for gently used Sennheiser HD800S that I bought new in 2016 or 2017 and have kept stored in their original packaging for the past year. I took a look at recent For Sale listings but...
  11. electrathecat

    FS: Sennheiser HD800S in great condition, priced to sell SOLD

    Due to getting a new car recently I unfortunately have to cull some of my lesser-used equipment to relieve the cash crunch I'm in. My loss is your gain as I'm going to be pricing items fairly aggressively as I list them (and I take pretty great care of my stuff!). Up for sale is the Sennheiser...
  12. juanix

    [FOUND] WTB HD800S

    In the market for a Sennheiser HD800S. Looking for a newer one that comes with the new headband with HD800S written on it. I would also like the original purchase receipt for warranty purposes. PM me your offer with the condition, age, price, and whether you have any additional accessories...
  13. Erfan Elahi

    Sale or Trade: Senheiser HD660s

    Up for my sale is the Senheiser HD660s. Have stock box, cables (1x 3.5mm and 1x 4.4mm) and papers. Excellent condition, PM for pictures. World-wide shipping via post delivery within 2 weeks. Asking price 349 Euros including shipping and PP fees. Sale first priority, but looking for upgrade to...
  14. Snitte77

    *** SOLD *** [EU]: MrSpeaker Ether C Flow 1.1

    Hi, offering a Ether C Flow 1.1 in mint condition. Comes with the original XLR DUM cable, pads and case. Additionally available would be a CustomCans/Eidolic XLR cable, a silver 1/4“ adapter and a selection of ZMF pads if needed. Looking for 890€ shipped within the EU (intl. shipping on...
  15. wnmnkh

    FS: Sennheiser HD800S + extra earpads - SOLD

    (It has been SOLD. Thank you all for the interest) And this should be the last one leaving my side. Not much used as seen it. Maybe a bit dusty but it is just... dust really. No damage on headphones whatsoever. Earpads are still in very good condition but they do degrade fast, so I sweeten the...
  16. Malcolm Riverside


    Looking for a pair of these headphones in good shape for a reasonable price. Hit me up if you’re looking to sell. Thanks!
  17. ijchan223

    For Sale Sennheiser HD 800S $1100 OBO

    HD800s for sale, looking for 1100 obo. Either make me an offer here or Ebay. http://ebay.us/XulEYW?cmpnId=5338273189 Sennheiser HD 800 S MSRP $1699. Photo of actual item, No noticeable imperfection Includes HD800s headphones (serial 19245) Standard cable with 1/4 inch jack plug Cable...
  18. 1Speedster

    Replacing Ayre CODEX -- Any recently introduced DAC/amps impressing you?

    A few years back, at least one reviewer favorably compared the Ayre CODEX DAC/amp to other makes running upwards of $5,000 (and, the dealer claimed he unit also bested Ayre's higher priced models). I paired the unit with some Cardas A8 ear speakers in balanced mode and experienced a seriously...
  19. Bipolarsmile

    Apollo twin vs OBJECTIVE2+ODAC with HD800s

    Hello, I`m quite a newbie when it comes to headphone gear. I had my HD650 for a couple of years and i thought i would upgrade to the HD800S after hearing them. My question is that i have an Apollo twin for music recording and my O2. Should i connect my HD800s to the apollo or the O2 for...
  20. jawks

    SOLD: Sennheiser HD800S - like new

    FOR SALE: I am selling my Sennheiser HD800S. I am the original owner and purchased these brand new from an authorized dealer last month (original receipt available after purchase). They are in perfect like new condition and have been used for less than 10 hours total. They come with the...
  21. jawks

    Headphone amp recommendations for HD800s

    Hello, I'm new to Head-Fi and was hoping to ask for some suggestions for amplification for the HD800s. I just ordered mine yesterday and hope to receive it in a couple of days. Right now, I own a Decware CSP2 tube amp and a Chord Mojo portable DAC/amp. I'm debating whether or not I should...
  22. Coolblue

    SOLD - [CON US] [FS] : Sennheiser HD800S

    SOLD -------------- Hi All, Recently acquired awesome pair of Sennheiser HD800S up for sale as I prefer my stock HD800. It is in perfect cosmetic and functional condition Package comes with the HD800S headphone, 1/4" headphone cable and 4 PIN Balanced XLR Cable from Sennheiser. No original...
  23. HiP1

    SOLD Sennheiser HD800S

    Hi, I was using them mainly as a reference when trying out other headphones, but I haven't touched them for a few months. I guess it's time we parted ways. :) Excellent condition, no smoking, no pet. Original box, cables, usb key and frequency graph included.
  24. cubed4life

    Selling Sennheiser HD800s with Optional 4.4mm Cable

    Selling my HD800s, Bought them new from B&H a few months back. They are in like new condition from a smoke free home. They include the original packaging, box, accessories and paperwork. 2 Cables are included single ended and XLR. Original 4.4mm Sennheiser cable is additional 100. 1,000...