1. jawks

    SOLD: Sennheiser HD800S - like new

    FOR SALE: I am selling my Sennheiser HD800S. I am the original owner and purchased these brand new from an authorized dealer last month (original receipt available after purchase). They are in perfect like new condition and have been used for less than 10 hours total. They come with the...
  2. jawks

    Headphone amp recommendations for HD800s

    Hello, I'm new to Head-Fi and was hoping to ask for some suggestions for amplification for the HD800s. I just ordered mine yesterday and hope to receive it in a couple of days. Right now, I own a Decware CSP2 tube amp and a Chord Mojo portable DAC/amp. I'm debating whether or not I should...
  3. Coolblue

    SOLD - [CON US] [FS] : Sennheiser HD800S

    SOLD -------------- Hi All, Recently acquired awesome pair of Sennheiser HD800S up for sale as I prefer my stock HD800. It is in perfect cosmetic and functional condition Package comes with the HD800S headphone, 1/4" headphone cable and 4 PIN Balanced XLR Cable from Sennheiser. No original...
  4. HiP1

    SOLD Sennheiser HD800S

    Hi, I was using them mainly as a reference when trying out other headphones, but I haven't touched them for a few months. I guess it's time we parted ways. :) Excellent condition, no smoking, no pet. Original box, cables, usb key and frequency graph included.
  5. cubed4life

    Selling Sennheiser HD800s with Optional 4.4mm Cable

    Selling my HD800s, Bought them new from B&H a few months back. They are in like new condition from a smoke free home. They include the original packaging, box, accessories and paperwork. 2 Cables are included single ended and XLR. Original 4.4mm Sennheiser cable is additional 100. 1,000...
  6. c0rp1


  7. hifuguy

    SOLD! - Sennheiser HD800S Headphones

    Greetings Head-Fiers! Up for sale is my pair of Sennheiser HD800S Headphones. I'm the original owner, having purchased them as an open-box from a dealer a couple of years ago. They have been carefully pampered and are in very good, if not excellent condition. Items included: the original...
  8. Alson Chua

    WTB Original Sennheiser HD800S 1/4" (6.35) black plug cable

    Hi, if you have a original Sennheiser hd800s 1/4" (6.35) black plug cable lying around wanna lay off can let me know thanks.
  9. Dekoni Elite Pads for Sennheiser HD800/HD800S

    Dekoni Elite Pads for Sennheiser HD800/HD800S

    Born out of previous success with other models the Dekoni Audio HD800 pad for the Sennheiser HD800 Line of headphones (available in Sheepskin, Elite Velour, Fenestrated Sheepskin, and Hybrid models) carries on Dekoni’s tradition of excellence and quality in the headphone ear pad space. What sets...
  10. Terco

    SOLD! Sennheiser HD800S

    Hi I'm selling my HD800s. The headphones are only missing the 6.3mm cable that came with. The headphones are in great conditions! The reason for sale is I'm more into iems right now and I don't use them no more. I'm not interested in trades, thanks! I live in New York so If you live around...
  11. normanwang1992

    SOLD HD800s mint condition

    Up for sale is a pair of HD800S. They are in really good condition and come with everything (no receipt). The warranty has expired. I am selling mainly because I move to speakers now. Price includes shipping(CONUS) and paypal. PM if any questions.
  12. AudioBear

    FS: Sennheiser HD800s. SOLD

    Selling my Sennheiser HD800S purchased in May 2016. They come with 10ft balanced and SE cables. They were sparingly used and show no sign of wear that I can see. They have been kept in a non-smoking environment with no pets or children. I've become more of a 2-channel and video addict and...
  13. sleepspent

    Did I buy a pair of fake counterfeit Sennheiser HD800S headphones?

    I recently bought a pair of HD800S from a seller off ebay for $1,480 and I'm skeptical that they are a legitimate authentic pair. I've seen numerous unboxing videos online so I was surprised when I first opened the box up. For starters, the headphones are placed in foam inserts rather than satin...
  14. zek4u

    Sennheiser HD800S Headphones - Cardas Clear Balanced Cable

    4/11/19: Cardas cable sold. Now just the headphones are for sale. . I really don't want to let these go but I've invested too much in my 2 channel system lately and these headphones just aren't seeing any use. They are in excellent condition. I really can't see anything wrong with them at...
  15. SilverEars

    Please delete

    Please delete
  16. theque

    (SOLD) Sennheiser HD800S with Silverstone Headphone Stand

    This listing is for my HD800S headphones. It is in like new condition with less than 20 hours of listening time on them. The headphones come with the original box and accessories with the Silverstone Headphone stand seen in the pictures. We are in a situation in which we need to offload some of...
  17. pr0ggy


  18. pr0ggy

    [SOLD] FS: LNIB 5' Periapt Pro XLR Balanced Cable (HD800/800S)

    Original owner, title says it all. Selling my 800s so no longer need. Great cable, sounds phenomenal for the price. Copper beats silver for HD800 IMO, smooths the highs just a bit and makes them better all-rounders. Much more manageable length and flexibility than the stock cables. Price is...
  19. pr0ggy

    [SOLD] FS: LNIB Sennheiser HD800S (Low Hours)

    Very hesitant to let these go...Only selling because I feel like my musical taste simply isn't doing them justice. These are phenomenal for ambient tracks, but I don't listen to that genre often enough to justify holding onto them. Original owner, roughly 7 months left on 2-year warranty...
  20. pichu

    Sennheiser HD800S with custom Forza Audioworks Copper MK2 cable

    Hey everyone, I’m selling my HD800S with a modded Forza Copper MK2 Cable. The cable itself was $250! Also included is the original headphone box and the original SE and Balanced cable. I need to sell some of my audio gear to fund a new camera and lens! [Here are pictures of her with my...
  21. Hoegaardener70

    [Sold] Please delete

  22. The Correlation

    WTS: Audeze LCD-3F (2016) and Sennheiser HD800S

    Up for sale are my LCD-3F and HD800S headphones. Selling as I want to save up for an LCD-4. The LCD-3F was purchased as an ex-demo from Basically Sound in July 2018. They were manufactured in October 2016, and so have the latest drivers. Warranty still remains. They come complete with all...
  23. gc335

    (SOLD) FS: Sennheiser HD800S

    I'm selling off some of my home rig to focus my funds on my portable rig which gets 90% of my listening time. Some minor signs of wear. Zero sonic issues. Pads are in good shape. Included one cable only however it is 4 pin XLR with a 1/4 adapter. US only please. Shipping and PP included...
  24. Relic123

    Budget Tube amp for the HD800S?

    Sup folks Got the Jotunheim with the dac-module, not the best pairing with the HD800S I confess. Looking for budget tube amp with a warmer signature, that could reduce some of the sharp highs I'm hearing. I tried the Schiit Valhalla 2, but it's pretty neutral for a tube amp. Needs to be...