1. imo_ct

    [FS] Multiple Headphones - HD800S, HD650, Paradox Slant

    I'm moving and need to downsize! 1. HD800S Cork Trapezoid and Rugliner (Includes stock SE and Bal Cables plus 4ft LQi Sony4.4mm Cable) [Boxed, one cosmetic blemish on box and on headphone grill) USD 825 Shipped EMS 2. LFF Paradox Slant and 2 week old Alpha Pads (Mint, no box but have...
  2. tinamou62

    Question about headphone amps, power, and sensitivity

    Hi everyone, I got into headphones because I love music and now am getting more and more interested in the electrical engineering behind our fancy hats. I recently got the Audeze LCD2C, and also have a pair of Sennheiser HD800S that I pair with an objective2 / Massdrop CTH. I have read online...
  3. fish3191

    Budget Amp and DAC for HD800S and D7000

    TLDR: Looking for a sub $500-600 Hybrid Amp and DAC to warm up my HD800S but can also be used on my low impedance Denon D7000. Used is fine if that is needed to keep it under budget. I was originally selling my D7000 to go for the HD800S and a more expensive DAC/amp setup for it, but was...
  4. bluebair

    *SOLD* HD 800 + SDR Mod, Low SN, Custom Paint!!!

    Hello everyone. These are my cherished HD800 headphones. I love em to death, but just can't justify keeping them if I dont have time to listen to them. These come with an official sennheiser hd800 box with sleave (7/10 outer condition, great on inside though) and all the accessories that come...
  5. Army-Firedawg


    JUST IN TIME FOR THE CHRISTMAS SEASON!!!!! Me and Mrs. Firedawg have finally gotten to the point were we're able to buy our first house and with it, comes a LOT of costs (as I'm sure many of you are aware) and the extra money from this will certainly help out with the expenses. With the sale...
  6. Giupy

    [SOLD] Sennheiser HD 800 S

    Hello, I am selling my Sennheiser HD 800 S. They are in very good shape, both functionally and aesthetically and come with their original box. The headphones come with the following: - Cable with 6.3mm jack connector - Balanced cable with XLR4 connector - Cable pouch - Manual - USB flash...
  7. T

    FS. Shure SRH 1540, Schiit Fulla 2

    I'm moving toward Speaker/IEM route. I'm liquidating unneeded gear. All prices are including shipping and fees. Paypal preferred. Have a good day! Schiit Fulla 2 = $69 Sennheiser HD800S = SOLD Shure SRH 1540 = $321 Sony WH100XM2 = SOLD
  8. Valens7

    ZMF Eikon [FOUND]

    Looking to pick up a ZMF Eikon. Preferably one in Camphor, but open to alternative wood options. Not so keen on Padauk or Cherry, but feel free to offer what you have. So if you have one and you'd like to dispense with it, hit me up.
  9. harmony1992

    sennheiser HD 800s

    selling due to downsizing,in good condition,pm for more pics with 6.35 and 4pin xlr cables price is 1000+shipping+pp fees
  10. Schwibbles

    SOLD: Toxic Cables Black Widow for HD800(S) - 1/4" termination

    SOLD!! Figured I should sell this cable since it has been sitting in a box since I sold my HD800S a few months ago. I had only used it a month or two before I sold the HD800S so it is still in excellent condition. Info: Black Widow 22 OCC Copper Litz Headphone Cable Translucent Black V2 Toxic...
  11. plakat

    Sennheiser HD800S + HDVD800 -- SOLD

    There's little to say about those two as both are wellknown around here. To my taste the HDVD800 pairs really well with the HD800S, especially with the balanced cable (which is of course included, though not on the pictures). Both items are in mint condition, no signs of usage except for some...
  12. KesMeow

    AMP/DAC Recommendation for HD800S?

    Recently I picked up an HD800S, which is an absolutely beautiful can since I like wide soundstage and analytic sound. The current DAC/AMP combo I used is the Yulong DA9. But I'm considering to upgrade my AMP and probably DAC later for my HD800S (and many other hi-end cans to come I guess). I...
  13. Geezer Rock 001

    SOLD FS HD 800S Like New Condition SOLD

    I bought these new from Sweetwater in January 2018. I have used them in rotation with several other headphones that I have cycled through. They are in excellent condition and come with all of the Sennheiser boxes and documentation. Also a copy of the purchase invoice. They come with the...
  14. Jimmy24

    SOLD: Sennheiser HD 800 Headphones in Pristine Condition with SDR Mod, 4 Pin XLR Adapter, and Water Proof Protective Case

    Sennheiser HD 800 Headphones These headphones are in pristine condition and were kept in a non-smoking environment. I've had them for a few months with less than 100 hours of listening. I've upgraded my system and so these were not getting used enough so I have decided to sell them. Includes...
  15. ThunderJak

    Marantz HD- DAC1 vs Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies (HD800S)

    Just purchased the HD800S and I am torn between these two amp/dac combos. I own a FiiO E17K at the moment, but I do not think it will be enough to drive the HD800S. What are your suggestions for me?
  16. Armament


    Hello all. Looking to buy a mint and complete in box HD800S. Looking to pay around $1k Paypal'd and shipped. Thank you. FOUND! Please close.
  17. EndGameSearch

    SOLD - HD800s

    Bought new in early August of this year. Mint condition with less than 5 hours on them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these. I'm simply going in a different direction and selling off a lot of gear that I recently purchased.
  18. EndGameSearch

    FS - Nordost Heimdall 2 Headphone Cable - HD800S

    Dumb move on my part. I moved to quickly and ordered this cable when I won an auction on ebay for a new HD800s. The HD800s are not for me and I'm trading them to another head fi'er. He does not need the cable so I'm selling this brand new cable. It was delivered today (8/24/2018) direct from...
  19. D

    how to check if everything is fine with the headphones?

    how to check if everything is fine with the headphones? i ran full volume with hd800s and master 9 amp and i think i caused damage!!! how do i check if there any damage if i dont remember how did the hd800s sound at the start? like if i lost any sound quality. Thanks <3
  20. Schwibbles

    SOLD: Sennheiser HD800S w/extra cable

    EDIT: These are SOLD. The Black Widow Cable is still available but I will make a separate post for it in the appropriate forum. This post can be deleted. It pains me to write this but I am selling my beloved HD800S. I originally purchased them directly from Sennheiser in May, 2017. They are in...
  21. C

    Tube Recommendations for Mjolnir 2?

    Recently purchased Schitt Mjolnir 2 (should be shipped soon) with Modi multibit for my HD800S. Looking for tube replacements to deliver a warm, smooth sound with slammy bass, but take the edge off the treble. I mostly listen to EDM (John digweed, deadmau5, rezz), indie rock/alternative (alt-J...
  22. bloodhawk

    SOLD Sennheiser HD800S Cable (4Pin XLR and 1/4" - Black)

    Hey guys, I have extra HD800S Balanced (4Pin XLR) and SE (1/4") cables that have been sitting on the side for a while now, and im pretty sure i wont be using them. Pictures - https://imgur.com/a/l2MH2Vw Asking - $ 125 Shipped (Including fees) for the XLR $ 50 Shipped...
  23. lucianpescaru

    SOLD Sennheiser HD800s LNIB

    High End Sennheiser HD800s bought last november from the distributor in my country, absolutely like new visually and functionally, they spent most of their time in the box. Including original 6.3mm and 4 pin balanced cables. As you might already know they need to be amplified and are very picky...
  24. Maxx134

    Senn HD800 Ultimate, "S" Mod

    This is an HD800 to an 800S mod, made more improved over all past mods, plus secrets learned along the way. Preface: This was to be called HD800 (Wuotan) Mod... too much. Then I just called it the Ult "S" mod. Call it whatever you like. I will post the performance evidence first, then...
  25. iPaintCode

    WTB Sennheiser HD800s

    Looking for a pair of Sennheiser HD800s (not interested in HD800) in the CONUS. Prefer Non-smoker/pets, no mods and don't need extra upgrades just looking for a stock pair.