1. infamouskid

    Good headphone + soundcard setup for PC gaming. can't decide.

    So I moved over to Pc gaming from console and sold my a40's. I want an upgrade over the a40 experience and have been looking around.   I wanted something with a surround sound experience or anything that sounded better. was looking at doing a senns pc360 + asus dgx setup but this not...
  2. Hesier

    Need help choosing open headphones for music/gaming with astro mixamp ~$200

    I am after some open headphones that go around the ear. I primarily listen to electronic music (trance, drum and bass, breakbeat) and progressive rock. I am coming from the astro a40 headset and I have never really owned a proper set of headphones. My budget is around $200 australian dollars, I...
  3. Razyn

    New to high end sound. Need advice.

    Like the title says I am new to higher end solutions for audio. I've always loved great quality sound especially in music and gaming which is my focus in this thread. I did try to look around to see if this question has been answered somewhere else but I just couldn't so forgive me if this has...
  4. 1llest

    Looking for Gaming and Music headphone

    Looking to replace my Astro A40 headset and wanted to get an all around headphone. Will be using pretty much 50/50.  Also looking to pick up the Matrix m-stage and will be hooked up to my Titanium HD. Im currently leaning towards the DT880 but I have no idea how they will sound like, I've...
  5. oTurtlez

    Left side of headphones significantly quieter than right?

    So I've had my set of Astro A40 headphones for over 3 years now, and just over 4 or so months ago the went on me :/ So Thanks to the community here, I got myself a pair of Sennheiser HD 518s and love them, but It got me thinking as to what may be wrong with my A40s. So I popped them open and...
  6. jmb

    Beyerdynamic MMX 2 Gaming Headset

    I just put an order in for these babies. They are basically a pair of 235s with an integrated boom microphone and a small usb soundcard/adapter. The only review I have seen on these is here: Macworld | Game Room | Review: Beyerdynamic MMX 2 I have been looking for a gaming headset, but I...
  7. adazz

    Advice for headphones purchase for gaming and movies (budget $200 to $300)

    Hi,   There is a lot of information on these forums and I am thankful for it. Having done my research I am a bit more confused on what I should buy and wanted advice from this community.   My usage would primarily be for PC gaming and movies with some light play on PS3 (I primarily play...
  8. FeralFox

    Does an Astro Mixamp improve audio technica ad700 headphones for gaming?

    About a year ago, I bought the Astro a40 2013 bundle to get the mixamp, and an "OK" headset to see me through until I got more into competitive fps. I'm ordering a pair of the ad700's due to the overwhelming acclaim of it's positional audio for the price. However, I still have this mixamp, and...
  9. Loganmo

    Good soundcard to go with Astro A40.

    I know a lot of the people on these forums hate this headset, but this is what I decided to purchase and was wondering what sound card would work well with it.   Thanks! please feel free to make reccomendations below. 
  10. Authority

    Looking for headphones with the BEST bass

    I recently sold my Astro A40s, which were specifically for gaming, for a new headset. It would be used for gaming but it is NOT the primary purpose. Mostly want it so i can listen to music (dubstep/trap) so good bass is reallllllllly wanted, which is the reason im getting a new headset. Used for...
  11. autoteleology

    Gaming Headset v. Hi-fi Headphones?

    I don't really get the niche that high-end gaming headsets are supposed to fill, especially when you factor in consoles. I see and hear about these super-expensive Turtle Beach headsets that seem to be tied to the hip with MW3 (like how Mountain Dew cello-taped itself to the skater/sports...
  12. Niteflyte

    A40 vs. A50 - and what is the estimated lifespan of the mixamp?

    Trying to decide between the A40 and 50. Of course there is the $50 price difference... but while I really like the wireless aspect, the contrast to that is that if I purchase the A40 with the external mixamp, I could then use the mixamp in the future with other headsets/phones. Opinions?
  13. Z

    Astro A40's Or Superlux HD668B for gaming

    I currently have the superlux hd668b headphones and am planning to get the ASUS XONAR DG Headphone Amp & PCI 5.1 Audio Card sound card pretty soon. With the superlux(no sound card)I can barely hear footsteps in battlefield 4 even with the equalization modified. I have two questions. First of...
  14. Chrisgtfo

    Philips Fidelio X1 with Astro A40 mixamp?

    I have recently purchased the Philips Fidelio X1 as well as the V-MODA BoomPro Mic for PC gaming and Music listning with heavy bass. I was wondering if it'd be a good idea to pick up a new Astro A40 mixamp to use with it can get it for $90AUS or will my Creative...
  15. OneLifeOneTry

    Double Amping on the Xbox 360

    Hey, i recently purchased the 2013 astro a40 package that comes with the mixamp. I have absolutely no problems with the equipment, but when i tried to link together the astro mixamp along with the turtle beach's DSS, the overall volume was massively increased as well as a bass boost feature from...
  16. Loganmo

    Need opinions on a gaming setup.

    Hello everyone,   Before you ask, yes I saw the huge thread about gaming headset recommendations but that is simply the opinion of one person. I was wondering what you guys would recommend as far as a gaming headset or headphone/mic combo. I am using a asus xonar DG. So far I have considered...
  17. Playstation

    Beyerdynamic vs Astro gaming poll for FUN audio experience

    thanks for your participation.
  18. BoserPoser69

    Astro a40 (2013 vs tritton 720+ (2013

    Basically what do you guys think is th better choice aside from the fact that Astros are $100 more than trittons. People with experience please help Sent from my LGMS500 using Tapatalk
  19. keens

    MMX 300 with Astro MixAmp

    So I was settled on the Astro a40s until I read how superb the beyerdynamic mmx 300 were supposed to be compared to other gaming headphones. I figured I may as get a nice pair as they are something I would be using for years with my PS4. I'm not at all an audiophile and do not know much about...
  20. aduman

    Please help me choose a gaming headphone.

    Hi guys! I'm new to this forum and this is my first post.   I am stuck between these:   Astro Gaming A40 Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro (250 Ohm) Sennheiser PC 360 G4ME Sennheiser HD598   I'll use it mostly for gaming, sometimes movies and music. I don't have a headphone amp but my motherboard...
  21. Melee

    Audiophile Cans for Gaming, Music, and Movies?

    I am looking for a high quality headset or pair of headphones + mic and possibly external amp + dac that reach "audiophile" level. I would like to stay under $500 for the setup, if possible. This will be used for gaming on my Xbox and PC plus music and movies on my PC.  As far as taste goes, I...
  22. Robborboy

    Headset Primarily for Gaming With Astro A40 Mixamp

    It is about that time to replace my aging Turtle Beach HPA2. It has been beaten to hell and back and is just tired. So I am looking for a new headset. After the greay advice ages ago on the   clip ons I purchased(my account has seemingly been deleted since then) I turn to you for help. I have...
  23. MrMooshroom

    Surround Sound headphones

    I want to get a pair of surround sound headphones for PC gameing. I have looked into the Astro A40's but I'm not convinced of the price. I heard that parting the AD700's with an Astro Mixamp will make a great pair of Surround sound headphones. Is this true and are they good for gameing?  I have...
  24. sixworks

    Looking for headphones good for Hip/Hop and Gaming

    So I have Astro A40's right now which i bought years ago and now I am to the point where I can not wear them because they give me the worst headache ever do to the top band. So I am looking for some new headphones. I would be using them on my computer and iPhone mainly, I would be gaming on my...
  25. kostadinnm

    philips vs 'turtle beach' - specific requirement - is mike present

    Hello. First to clarify that I need an over-the-ear headset that will hold the speaker with a single joint. I looked around a little bit and found two models that I liked(the choice is not much with such a specific requirement): Philips CitiScape SHL5905 and Turtle beack Ear Force N11  ...