Gaming Headset v. Hi-fi Headphones?
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Nov 6, 2011
I don't really get the niche that high-end gaming headsets are supposed to fill, especially when you factor in consoles. I see and hear about these super-expensive Turtle Beach headsets that seem to be tied to the hip with MW3 (like how Mountain Dew cello-taped itself to the skater/sports crowd), but despite their seeming to be specifically engineered for gaming, can they even compete with audiophile cans in their own specialty?

TD;LR, Is there anything that a [GOOD] gaming headset will do that, say, a similarly-priced set of hi-fi cans, can't do, not counting having a built-in microphone?

[COLOR=FF0000]BONUS QUESTION[/COLOR]: Counter-intuitively, would any of these so-called "gaming headsets" be halfway decent for music or movies?

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No. That's why things like the big Mad Lust Envy thread exist-to show you what hi-fi-geared headphones can work even better for gaming at the same prices.
That said, if you're getting a headphone for gaming alone, you might hit diminishing returns pretty early. (Doing what I do and using a Stax Lambda for gaming is quite easily overkill, even though it certainly works very well.) But if you want to use those same headphones for music too, it's easily justified.
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I'm not an experienced audiophile but I know that a lot of gaming headsets have surround sound which a lot of people don't like for music listening. The built-in mics are a great feature for many users. I have a stereo turtle beach headset that i can use for with pc or xbox and it is decent for music. One of the things I like about it is that it has an in-line built in microphone. The bass on my headset is ridiculous, much louder than any other headphone i've heard. It may not be ideal for music but it sounds great for explosions in games.
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Astro A40 Best heatseat yet with MLG certified mayor liege gaing. Comes with a Dolby decoder for soround sound a headphone is useless wen it comes to soround sound if you don't have an AV recover or a Dolby or DTS decoder
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Receiver. I ment. I text in multiple languages sorry for the auto correct. Do look at ASTRO gaming. I never hear nothing about them in this chat and trust me they are that good. I have a soround sound with B&W dimond and sennheiser and Bose headphones. Trust me ASTRO are good

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