A40 vs. A50 - and what is the estimated lifespan of the mixamp?
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Feb 10, 2011
Trying to decide between the A40 and 50. Of course there is the $50 price difference... but while I really like the wireless aspect, the contrast to that is that if I purchase the A40 with the external mixamp, I could then use the mixamp in the future with other headsets/phones. Opinions?
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Go for the A40 if you absolutely need a HEADSET. I personally recommend anyone to get a MixAmp + Headphones + AntLion Modmic and a splitter. I have had 2 sets of A40's and finally upgraded them to an AKG Q701 and ModMic combo. The sound is SO much better man, and it's about the same price, if not cheaper. Wireless stuff is always going to crap out before it's wired counterparts. Wired anything don't need batteries so they won't need as much maintaining. Never go wireless. Audio quality is lost over wireless streams too.
Other HEADPHONES to consider would be a Beyerdynamic DT990. and Phillips Fidelio X1. (both with a modmic connected to them)



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Casper thanks so much for that suggestion and feedback! And also thanks very much for the pictures!! That's very helpful to newcomers like myself.

I actually bought the A40 set refurbished for $155, so figure that's a good deal because the mixamp alone would have cost $129 (though it would have been brand new). If this mixamp has a good lifespan, I figure I can get a set of headphones (like the ones you suggested) in the future, and pair them with the mixamp. I really only need a headset for gaming and Skype though. I am a music lover, but have two sets of studio monitors and a studio sub, so I always use that for music and movies.

I will report back once I try the A40 (refurbished). By the way, I had already tried the Pulse Elite and the Gold Wireless. I HATED the Elite, and the Gold Wireless wasn't nearly as bad, but still poor in regards to sound quality. I DO like having the wireless feature, but it seems to be sacrificing WAY too much sound quality both on gaming and voice chatting.
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Ok, the A40 kit came early (last nite). I hooked it up and was blown away. I mean I was ready to have the baby of whoever engineered this thing. The first thing I did was hook it up to my computer and try it with some music. It could have been louder, but that's not to say it was lacking in volume. The quality though was very good. When I hooked it up to my PS3 is when I really heard the difference. Games that I have been playing for a long time sounded completely different. Who knew the sound could be so different??? I guess I had just gotten too used to my Turtle Beach headset.

Anyways it's nice to see a product live up to the hype. The surround sound was so much more than anything I've heard in a headset before. Now my next goal will be to try a nice set of headphones as you suggested above. On that note one question -

Is the Antlion Modmic still being sold? I looked it up on Amazon and it says no longer available. It had all 5 star reviews though with no negatives, and that's pretty rare.
Thanks again for your feedback
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Is the Antlion Modmic still being sold? I looked it up on Amazon and it says no longer available. It had all 5 star reviews though with no negatives, and that's pretty rare.
Thanks again for your feedback

It isn't sold through Amazon or eBay, they're made to order at http://www.modmic.com/
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Ah, I see it. So these are $50, as opposed to $10 or $30 types that I've seen. I'm guessing you would say that these are much better quality?

Also on that splitter, it looks like the headphone connector is a 1/4 inch, and the mic is an 1/8 inch. Do they make splitters for that? I guess that's a dumb question and sure that they do...  

But yes, those are on my list. I'm enjoying the A40 for the moment because they came with the mixamp in the refurbished package for only 25 dollars more. But when I'm ready to upgrade, I'm going to follow your suggestion. So thanks very much again for sharing your wisdom!
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That's actually a 3.5mm connector from the AKG's. Here's a link to the splitter I'm using: 

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