Good soundcard to go with Astro A40.
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Apr 23, 2013
I know a lot of the people on these forums hate this headset, but this is what I decided to purchase and was wondering what sound card would work well with it.
Thanks! please feel free to make reccomendations below. 
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I have the A40s & love them. This forum is dedicated to audio & rightfully looks down on them as you're paying a premium for design, cable management & licensed gamer cred. If your a console gamer or you're gaming on a PC with an optical output, I say go all in & get the Astro MixAmpPro. The Dolby Surround processing works great for games (never for movies or music). The in-game voice mixer is super. Don't power the amp off your computer's noisy USB.
If you don't want the gamer features, the question is too general for specific recommendations.

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