Need help choosing open headphones for music/gaming with astro mixamp ~$200
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Jan 25, 2013
I am after some open headphones that go around the ear. I primarily listen to electronic music (trance, drum and bass, breakbeat) and progressive rock. I am coming from the astro a40 headset and I have never really owned a proper set of headphones.

My budget is around $200 australian dollars, I have been looking at the sennheiser hd 598, the beyerdynamic dt 990 pro 250 ohm and the AKG Q701. I understand that the last two require an external amplifier, although I have heard that the dt 990s can run solely through the astro mixamp.

I am leaning towards the HD 598 due to the detachable cable and the fact that I can plug them straight into the mixamp. Please help, other recommendations welcome.
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Look into the ad900 too
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Not much warmer... If you really want a warm sound, go get a tube amp
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I'm leaning towards the AKG Q701s possibly paired with the fiio e9, would that give them a warmer sound?

That would be a fantastic setup for gaming! It won't give a warmer sound though.

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