1. D

    Defective Audeze LCD-4’s or user error?

    I'll caveat by saying I'm completely new to the hifi headphone world...but after lots of research I decided to pick up a pair of Audeze LCD-4's hearing the rave reviews everywhere. Got them last night and they sound horrible. I'm assuming I'm either doing something wrong or there's something...
  2. Netforce April Giveaway! Audeze LCD-X! is going to have a monthly giveaway! This month our giveaway is the wonderful Audeze LCD-X! How do I enter the giveaway? In order to be eligible, you have to do the following: Subscribe to The HEADPHONE Show YouTube channel...
  3. Audeze

    Audeze and Embody Team up to Deliver Reveal+ Virtual Studio

    Audeze & Embody Team Up to Deliver Unmatched Virtual Studio Mixing Experience on Headphones Audeze and Embody are proud to announce a major update to the Reveal+ virtual studio plugin. Featuring an enhanced HRTF algorithm, new studios from Multi-Platinum and Grammy Award-winning artists, a...
  4. Audio46

    New Audeze LCD-X Creator Package with Case IN STOCK at Audio46

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of Audeze Audeze has updated their LCD-X Creator Package to include a new economy travel case. And Audio46 has it in stock, online and in store! SHOP LCD-X>
  5. Audeze

    LCD-X and XC Update

    Audeze LCD-X and XC Ever since the LCD-X and XC were introduced, we’ve continually refined them over the years, striving to develop the best headphones for both the studio professional and the audiophile. Some recent examples of these refinements are the headbands and ear cups. Even more...
  6. XioXsj

    LCD 2C Vs. ELEX - Yes, that question again - Endgame Headphone Suggestion

    Hi guys, I'm brand new on this forum from Tbilisi/Georgia. While I appreciate Music, I have had only HD238 Sennheiser's which I've bought in Japan and which are really very good for the size. Other than that I have Klipsch RP-600M's Bookshelf Speakers running on NAD D3020 V2, they sound ULTRA...
  7. leftyman

    LCD-2 Classic to LCD-4? Are they similar enough?

    Hi, I owned LCD-2 Classic before and I really really liked how deep they sounded in addition to their warm and laid back sound signature especially together with Audeze Reveal preset. I also tried LCD-X for 2 weeks but they were too forward for what I look for and I sent them back. If LCD-2...
  8. MoonAudio

    PRE-ORDER: Audeze Euclid Planar Magnetic Closed-Back In Ear

    PRE-ORDER TODAY Audeze Euclid Planar Magnetic Closed-Back In Ear $1,299.00 USD Expected February 25, 2021 Pre-Order Here Planar Magnetic, Closed-Back, In-ear, Precision-milled Aluminum. Our new Euclid combines all...
  9. Audeze

    Audeze Euclid Closed-Back Planar IEM

    Audeze is proud to announce Euclid, our first closed-back planar magnetic in-ear. Engineered with Audeze's award-winning patented technology inside a precision-milled aluminum housing, Euclid delivers heightened detail retrieval and sonic accuracy with a soundstage and dynamic range so robust...
  10. R

    Audeze lcd 2 driver repair?

    I recently bought a pair of audeze lcd 2's secondhand with a broken rightside driver for 150 euros. I was wondering if There is anyway to repair this driver or to find a replacement somewhere. I saw some threads about drivers failing on audeze headphones so it seems like it's a fairly common...
  11. Audeze

    Audeze Inaugural Livestream

    Audeze will be hosting our first Twitch/YouTube livestream ever on Wednesday, November 25th at 1:00pm PST! Viewers are encouraged to ask questions as Jaren and Grover from the Audeze team beat each other up in Brawlhalla. We’ll be streaming on Penrose headsets, so for those of you wondering if...
  12. MoonAudio

    Black Friday Savings - Sony, Sennheiser, Audeze, Astell & Kern, Empire Ears & More

    Meze Audio Rai Solo IEMs | Now $149.00 was $249.99 Meze Audio Rai Penta IEMs | Free Upgrade CableNow $149.00 Value $1,099.00 Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Headphones | Now $278.00 was $349.99 Sony WF-1000XM3 Wireless Noise-Canceling Earphones | Now $168.00 was $229.99 Shure Aonic 50...
  13. Audeze

    Audeze Black Friday Sale

    As the end of November rolls around, we here at Audeze would like to wish you Happy Holidays (whichever ones you may celebrate!) and announce our Black Friday Sale! For the very first time we have New Stock LCD-1 and Mobius headphones on sale for 25% off, so if you’ve ever had your eyes on...
  14. erik701

    Thought: When we can expect new flagship model by Abyss, Audeze, Focal, Sennheiser....?

    I was thinking about major brands in the full-size headphone industry and their release schedule, or how long till we can expect a new flagship to be introduced by those brands. I put together below metrics, which indicates how often those brands are releasing new model, of new flagship model...
  15. MoonAudio

    3 Wooden Cup Finishes: Audeze LCD-4 Headphones

    We have a limited supply of 3 wooden finishes with the Audeze LCD-4 $4,595.00 Now: $4,295.00 USD Order Now The is Audeze LCD-4 a new reference headphone resulting from years of dedicated research and development plus true...
  16. J

    Audeze LCD-2 Classic at £550 or Audeze LCD-X at £1100?

    I currently use a pair of Sennheiser HD58X headphones and I'm looking to upgrade. In particular I'm looking for something a little airier with a slightly more open soundstage since, although I generally like the 58X sound, they are very intimate and I think they can sound, at times, quite...
  17. S

    Elekit 8600 as Headphone amp: Making the good better

    Hi all, TLDR: Exploring modding the Elekit TU8600 to make it a better headphone amp. An Elekit 8600S (Lundahl) is on the way to me. My current gear is Oppo105 => Headamp GSX2 => Audeze LCD 3 and Abyss 1266 phi CC. The GSX2 is excellent and provides a nice preamp function for my Yaqin amp. It...
  18. TSAVAlan

    Audeze B-Stock Sale Is Back At TSAV!

    Audeze B-Stocks are back at TSAV. LCD-4 B-Stock $2999 LCD-2 Bamboo B-Stock $750 (Shedua pictured since I couldn't find a Bamboo with the new headband)...
  19. Audeze

    Audeze Penrose X and Penrose

    Say hello to the Audeze Penrose X and Penrose wireless planar magnetic gaming headsets. For the first time, you can experience the uncompromised audio quality Audeze is known for over a 2.4GHz lossless, low-latency wireless connection that's compatible with Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, Windows...
  20. theaudiologist1

    Neutral, Open Headphones between $1000-1500?

    I want to upgrade from my neutral R70x'es but all the headphones in this range are either warm, or cold, like the HD800's having high treble peaks and the Hifiman headphones being warm, etc. Anybody know a good headphone between $1000-$1500 ("almost-TOTL" tier?) that is as neutral as the R70x...
  21. R

    TASCAM UH-7000 as headphone amp (or how to understand amp specs)

    Hello, audiofolk. Fisrt time posting here, and I have a doozy for you all. My interface is a TASCAM UH-7000 and My Headphones are Sennheiser HD600. The Tascam has no problem driving the HD600's, and by that I mean that I rarely have to turn the volume knob past 12 o' clock. But I never verified...
  22. sarudia

    Lavri Headphone Cable

    Selling this cable as good as new. Been only in my desk for around a year. I've sold the LCD-X and now I am selling the cable. It is very long, 4m, which is around 13 feet. Single ended, silver cable with silk sleeve until the split for the drivers. Excellent price. With taxes and fees, costed...
  23. gzbaga

    SOLD Audeze Sine DX Open Back Planars (Australia)

    Up for grab is the Audeze Sine DX open back limited edition. Bought these new in May 2020 from Addicted to Audio. Condition is perfect LNIB, all assesories included. Very likely a regrettable sale. Pads in the picture are upgraded Brainwavz angled pads, original pads also included in the box...
  24. roskodan

    [Wanted] Audeze LCD 2 Rosewood

    Wanted. I'm not selling. Shipped to Europe. PM me. Looking for Audeze LCD 2 Rosewood, prefer older, non fazor units, but will consider newer units as well. Payment by PayPal or IBAN.
  25. phillyd

    [CLOSED] Audeze LCD-2 Fazer or MrSpeakers/Dan Clark Ether (original or 1.1)

    Hello! I'm looking to buy one of the pairs above. Will pay PayPal and shipping is to 47150. Please message me with any offers.