1. DekoniAudio

    Elevate Your Audeze Maxwell Experience with Dekoni Audio's New Premium Earpads

    What's up Head-Fi, We're thrilled to introduce our latest addition to the Dekoni Audio family: Maxwell Premium Replacement Earpads. With the launch, two styles are available for anyone interested in upgrading their Maxwell headset. Elite Velour Earpads - $49.99 Crafted with high-density...
  2. DigitalTherapy

    Could someone held me identify which version of the Audeze LCD-2 this is?

    I've had these for a few years in my closet and don't remember what it is that's special about these. Note that the driver housing is completely wooden, and the wood color is darker than the bamboo (just looks strangely light in these photos). Everything I see online has a wooden housing up...
  3. A

    DAC/Amp for Audeze LCD-5

    I am a mixing engineer and I have a pair of Audeze LCD-5's which I love. I currently have a Mytek Brooklyn DAC + and a Grace M905. To my ear, neither of them do a particularly great job with the LCD-5. I recently heard the LCD-5's on a friend's dCS Bartok and HiFiMan EF600 and was impressed with...
  4. username643827

    Help me pick high end open backs

    Hello everybody, Iam looking fo High End open backs. (500-1000euros) Here are a few a picked and let me know witch one is the best! :smile_phones: HiFiMAN Edition XS -500EU HiFiMAN Ananda Nano - 599EU HiFiMAN Arya Stealth - 999EU Audeze LCD-2 Classic - 700EU Audeze LCD-2 Rosewood - 999EU...
  5. N

    Need to confirm a suspicion.

    Now, as an audiophile I feel ashamed to say this but, with the Bluetooth usage of the Audeze maxwells, if I don't want to use my PC's bluetooth, I can just buy a 3.5mm to bluetooth adaptor and use it that way. Right? surely there no restriction there that prevents me from doing this. As you can...
  6. Audeze

    Audeze's 2023 Black Friday B-Stock Sale!

    Here's your chance to take home an incredible-sounding Audeze headphone for an incredible up-to 67% discount this holiday season. Our FILTER portable speakerphone makes a great gift for the business professional in your life. Protect your favorite headphones our high-end Aluminum Travel Case...
  7. fra107

    Speakers Amplifier>Audeze LCD-5?

    Hello Guys, I was wondering if anyone tried to drive the LCD-5 with a speaker amplifier. I have an old Pioneer M-73, can i just buy a Banana plug to mini xlr cable and drive it directly (in class A) or It'll blow up the Audeze? Will it be an improvement compared to the Burson Conductor 3R...
  8. Audeze

    Audeze brings Head Tracking to Maxwell in the Dolby Atmos Renderer

    We're excited to announce a new collaboration with Dolby bringing head tracking to Maxwell in the Dolby Atmos Renderer for professional mixing and mastering! This advancement will speed up your spatial audio work by making a full binaural preview of your mix with head tracking available directly...
  9. danielik

    Paris Audio Video Show 2023 impressions

    I attended the two-days Paris Audio Video Show 2023 this weekend, and I would like to share my impressions with the forum. Please be patient as it was my first show, this is my first post, and anyway I will express only personal opinions or emotions - no absolute judgements, I am quite novice in...
  10. V

    MM-500 vs DT1990 / HD600

    Hi Do you guys think a MM-500 would be a significant upgrade from an HD600 / DT1990 for music producing / mixing ? I have those atm and was thinking about upgrading my gear to the next level, would it be worth it in your opinion or the difference wouldn't be this big and I should invest in...
  11. galexem

    Do all new Audeze LCD-2 C headphones come with a Travel Case..??

    Hi all, as the title suggest I am most likely going to be pulling the trigger on the Audeze LCD-2 C headphones. I watched some unboxings and browsed the forums and it seems like all of them started coming with the travel case as standard. However, the retailer in my country (Slovenia, EU) said...
  12. emba4

    [TIFU] I Killed my Gryphon!

    the latest tale in my usual run of HiFi bad luck, a few weeks ago my LCD-2 closed backs died, i thought the membrane had popped, on further inspection what happened was evidently they got a knock somewhere that had dislodged one of the magnets at the front which had then snapped to the one below...
  13. MoonAudio

    Audeze Maxwell: Don't Make THIS Mistake | Moon Audio

    Audeze Maxwell: Don't Make THIS Mistake | Moon Audio
  14. Audeze

    Audeze Trade-In, Trade-Up: Save $2000 off LCD-5 or CRBN (June 2023 Offer)

    TRADE-UP AND SAVE! $2000 off LCD-5 or CRBN Trade-in any headphone with an MSRP of $1499 or more, and you can buy a brand new LCD-5 or CRBN electrostatic for only $2495. For example, trade-in a Sennheiser HD800, Stax L700, or Focal Clear. Even high-end in-ears from Noble or others qualify...
  15. Audio46

    The Audeze Maxwell Xbox Edition Is Shipping Now from Audio46

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of Audeze Audeze presents the world’s first headset supporting Bluetooth 5.3 LE Audio, Dolby Atmos, and A.I. Noise Filtration. Game like a pro with massive 90mm planar drivers and class-leading 90-hour battery life. Pick up the Audeze Maxwell Xbox version at...
  16. E

    Rudistor rp7-b specs

    Hi guys! This is my first post but I’ve been lurking around, reading reviews and keeping tabs for over 10 years. My question is, does anyone have a spec sheet for the rudi rp7-b ? I got the amp after I got my audeze lcd-4 and even though they sound amazing on this amp, I have a strong...
  17. C

    7.1 binaural sound setting for Audeze LCD-GX headphones (or similar)

    Hi, I've been fine-tuning a setting for my Audeze LCD-GX headphones for a year and for which I obtained an absolutely stunning result. I had it tested by a few people at work and around me and most find the rendering of the headphones much better with my setting than the sound of the original...
  18. W1ll1eTheP1mp

    Headphones for spatial audio on netflix/youtube etc.

    Hello! Im very keen on buying a headphone that can do spatial audio with Netflix? Been looking at Audeze Mobius. Will that work? Or is there other headphones?
  19. ScubaMan2017

    ScubaMan’s First Headphone “Review”

    I had a minor windfall… enough to buy another NICE headphone (not Audeze’s latest and greatest). My story: I met my first LCD… at a downtown HiFi shop near Yonge & Bloor (Streets). Frankly, I was underwhelmed. I made a rookie mistake - I listened to it on a noisy showroom floor (and not in an...
  20. Audeze

    Crutchfield Goes In-Depth with Audeze's 14-time Grammy Winner, Manny Marroquin

    Don't miss this incredible interview/article by Jeff Miller from Crutchfield, who dives deep with Manny Marroquin about his art and craft mixing hit albums for the last two decades, and of course his involvement with Audeze and the development of his MM-500 signature headphones. There's video...
  21. MoonAudio

    Best Headphones for Audiophiles with Tinnitus | Moon Audio

    Best Headphones for Audiophiles with Tinnitus | Moon Audio
  22. Audeze Maxwell Wireless Gaming headset

    Audeze Maxwell Wireless Gaming headset

    From the manufacturer: 80hr+ Battery Life with Fast Charge for All Day Play in 20 min Ultra-Low Latency Wireless with 3X Range of Traditional 2.4Ghz First-in-Class Bluetooth 5.3 supports LE Audio, LC3plus, LDAC Class-Leading High-Resolution Audio up to 24-bit/96kHz Embedded Dolby Atmos® License...
  23. MoonAudio

    Best Headphones from $3,000+ for Audiophiles 2022 | Moon Audio

    Best Headphones from $3,000+ for Audiophiles 2022 | Moon Audio
  24. Andrew DiMarcangelo

    10% Off iBasso at Bloom! Other Great Holidays Deals Still Ongoing.

    What's up, fam. 9 days until Christmas? Holy smoke. 😳 Hope y'all are enjoying the holiday season so far! We recently added a bunch of great deals to our Holiday Sales page including 10% off all in stock iBasso products – including the ultra rare DX320 Edition X (only 100 units available...
  25. Audeze

    Audeze - Our Maxwell Gaming Headsets! (latest: Firmware v56 and HQ v97)

    INTRODUCING MAXWELL After years of relentless innovation building the world's best wireless gaming headset, Audeze presents Maxwell, designed from the ground up for serious gamers. Sound quality, wireless performance, and battery life are all pushed to new extremes, along with the latest spatial...