Audeze's 2023 Black Friday B-Stock Sale!
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May 28, 2009
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Audeze Black Friday Annual B-Stock Sale
Here's your chance to take home an incredible-sounding Audeze headphone for an incredible up-to 67% discount this holiday season.

Our FILTER portable speakerphone makes a great gift for the business professional in your life.

Protect your favorite headphones our high-end Aluminum Travel Case, at a huge discount in our overstock special.​
LCD-2 Classic
LCD2 Closed Back
FILTER Speakerphone
iSine 20
iSine 10

Sale starts 12:00 PM, Pacific Time, Nov 16.

Sale ends 11:59 PM, Pacific Time, Nov 30.

These deals will sell out FAST so get them before they're gone!

Only while supplies last! Be forewarned – These sell out very quickly as we only have a limited number available. We typically sell out of products in the first few hours!

Condition: All B-Stock items are tested and checked by our team to perform as-new. All B-Stock CRBN units have been updated to the latest driver specification. You may expect minor cosmetic blemishes with B-Stock items.

Warranty: B-Stock inventory for products currently in production come with our standard three-year driver warranty, with one year on all other parts. B-stock inventory may not include all accessories or cables previously offered. No warranty support is offered for issues relating to cosmetic defects or outdated accessories for B-stock.

Return Policy: 10 days from the date of delivery, except for the Aluminum Travel Case (sold as-is, no returns).

Limitations: This promotion is only available for North America (Audeze does not pay shipping or duty outside the USA), and additional discounts cannot be combined with these already ridiculous sale prices. We reserve the right to cancel and refund any orders that violate these terms.

Due to the high volume of sales resulting from the Promotion, some delays in our standard shipping and support response times should be expected. Our operating hours are from Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm PST. We work diligently to ensure all orders are shipped as soon as possible.​
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Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 23.01.34.png

Some good prices but sadly, MM-500 is already sold out.


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Ugh! LCD-2 Closed already gone three minutes in. I guess I didn't check out fast enough.
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3k for LCD5, phew wallet safe. Also how are MM500 sold out within 1 second of the page going live?
Those were gone so fast, I couldn't get into the sale page for about 1-2 mins and they were gone, looks like 5 of the models are gone already. Make that 10 models lol
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I was able to get on the page almost immediately scrolled to the bottom and MM500 were sold out - there was literally no time to click, add to cart and go through a checkout process so I doubt a set was even available, probably a tactic to get people to move up to a more expensive model.
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Mm500 was somehow already sold out and I was ready refreshing the page as soon as it went live….these sales get less and less enticing every year. Only thing I’d want is a 4z or mx4 on a better discount. Maybe the audeze margins are not as good as they used to be
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CRBN for 2500,- damn sweet price.
MM-500 for 1k

Those are nice deals, but this years budget goes to Empyrean II
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All other items sold out.

Only these are left, right now
( Prices in US$ )

SALE PRICE: $2,999.00
Save 33% $4,500.00

CRBN Electrostatic
SALE PRICE: $2,499.00
Save 44% $4,500.00

FILTER Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone
SALE PRICE: $125.00
Save 49% $249.00

SALE PRICE: $395.00
Save 56% $899.00
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Lol, good job Audeze. Tried buying LCD-MX4 immediately but sold out within two minutes. Hope the bots enjoy all their new headphones. Bought a ZMF Atrium instead :)

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