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    Video Games, Computers, Headphones & Head-fi! Knowledge finding.
    Headphone Inventory:

    Beyerdynamic DT880 (600 ohm) (Music headphones)
    Audio Technica AD700 (Gaming headphones)
    Phillips SHP-8900
    Stagg SHP-4500

    + tried many many others.

    In-ears (in order of preferred SQ):

    Ortofon e-Q7 w/ stock small eartips
    JVC/Victor HP FX-500 w/ Koss Silicone Earcushions
    Apple In-Ear Headphone (ADDIEM) w/ Sony Hybrid tips (Sony EPEX10A)
    Nuforce NE-7M
    Yuin PK3
    Altec Lansing iM716 (podded, yes Head-fiers, podded)
    Head-Direct RE2
    Koss KSC-75 (to be Kramer Modded)
    Denon C551
    Koss KE-29S
    SoundMAGIC PL-30
    + Whole SoundMAGIC range to be reviewed (PL-11, PL-12, PL-30, PL-50)
    Audio Technica EQ330

    Sold and Had:

    Denon C700
    Beyerdynamic DT880 (2003 Edition, 250 Ohm, Headphile BlackMax recabled)
    Jays s-jays
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