1. shiorisekine

    What headphones are these?

    Friend posted this pic and I was wondering what headphones are these. They look like a closed back stax/beyer hybrid. Anyone know?
  2. Mad Lust Envy

    Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (3/10/2020: Updates to Audeze LCD-1, Mobius, Fixed Missing Images)

    Latest Updates 3-10-2020 Ok guys, so I have made a substantial update... Audeze LCD-1 Review (added update in the build quality/cups section. Minor entry talking about Audeze having fixed the cable entries.) Audeze Mobius Review (added optional Cryo Pads entry in the review's accessories...
  3. pandareds

    Need headphones from $30 to $65

    I will mainly use it for listening to music and studio music recording (Not as important) So far I've looked at: Philips SHP8500 Sony MDR-XD200 Sennheiser HD 202 Philips SHP2500     But after reading a few reviews, all of them have at least one flaw; whether its...
  4. devi691


    FLASHBACK: I was watching TRANSFORMERS BLURAY on my PC and was using cheap cx180 in-ear headphone. I was too surprised and very impressed with sound coz it gave me a really new experience of watching movie .              I started looking a better headphone for my boomy movies and after a long...
  5. ricardofcf

    Philips SHP2000 vs SHP2500?

    So, I've been reading about the Philips SHP2000 and the SHP2500 and have found mostly positive reviews on these, at least for the price. My question is: what are the main differences between the two (acoustically speaking)?   I known the SHP2000 has an open acoustic system while the other...
  6. Philips SHP2500/37 Full Size Headphone with Volume Control

    Philips SHP2500/37 Full Size Headphone with Volume Control

    Philips Full Size Headphones w/volume control SHP2500/37 40mm speaker drivers for outstanding sound performance. Comfort and Convenience, Lightweight headphone for prolonged usage, Ergonomic earshell design to enhance wearing comfort, Extendable headband to fit perfectly on your head...