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++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

  1. tendou
    It is in mono. It's a recorded internet conference so it sounds worse than the average podcast.
  2. jacknight
    I currently own alessandro ms1i and I wanna upgrade to ms2i, is that big improvement and woth upgrade?
  3. KG Jag
    Yes it's a big improvement.  Whether that improvement is worth about 3 x the price of the MS1 is a matter upon which reasonable minds will differ.  The in between stop is the Grado SR 225i. 
  4. steelgtr
    That's too funny!
  5. jacknight
    thanks, but im in a middle of two choice right now, ms2i or 2nd hand magnum v4, my friend sell that and its cheaper than ms2i, which one do you think is better? 
  6. KG Jag
    Is the magnum v4 a Grado mod?  In any case, I know next to nothing about it.
  7. Lorspeaker


    Check out Phillis uptown...150bucks.
    V good vocals, superb isolation from outside naggings...v comfy.
    I listen to podcast on my iPads.
  8. UnluckyShot
    Hey guys!
    Can anyone recommend a pair of closed headphones for gaming? It would be a 40/60 ratio for gaming/music respectively. I listen to many types of music. From Coldplay to Tiesto. So a good all-rounder would be best. Also, I will be driving these with a FiiO E10 DAC. (Not purchased yet. So if you'd like to recommend an alternative DAC, feel free.)
    Top genres:
    I'm currently using Sennheiser HD558s. I'm returning these because I live in a fairly noisy area and the sound leak is just to much.
    Budget: ~$130 USD
  9. KG Jag

    Having you checked the gaming cans article link in the opening post of this thread?
  10. UnluckyShot
    If you're referring to MadLustEnvy's guide, yes. Unfortunately none of the closed headphones he recommends fit into my price range except the Creative Live! Headphones. Which I am not a fan of.
  11. riahc3
    Hello :)
    This thread is looking like a mess (huge recommendation threads tend to not work) but Ill post anyways:
    Music genres: Hip-hop. Only thing I listen to.
    Price range:  Technially I dont have one. Obviously Im not going to carry around 500 dollar headphones around with me either in a public/street enviroment.
    Portable: Yes. Without a question they have to be portable
    Closed/Open: Open. I perfer open as its more comfy than having your ears surrounded. I dont care if it leaks sounds as that doesnt affect me.
    Looks: Around the neck.  I listen to a lot of music a lot of hours during the day.
    Miscellaneous: I like bass in my hip-hop and very loud volumes BUT the most important thing would be that the artist's voice (vocals) is completely clear and understandable.  Also please comfortable as there are some around the neck that you have to "stretch" before your body gets use to them.
    Looking at: Sennheiser PMX 90, Siberia Neckband Headset
    Had: Grado iGrado, Sennheiser PMX 60
    I want to order ASAP as I like being with music very much and Im going to be at least a week without it (no headphones) because of shipping.
  12. SkitZ0
    I just have a simple question that I don't think needs a thread.

    Can anyone compare the bass of the AKG K550 to the Ultrasone DJ-1 S Logic headphones?  I keep reading mixed reviews on the bass.   Some say it kicks pretty hard, others say they don't.  Some say they don't even with a legit seal.  I currently own the DJ-1 headphones.  They kick pretty hard (by that I mean I can feel the bass, which I like), but if the K550 can do the same, even a little bit, but sound considerably better, I'll hop ship.
  13. clewis09
    Hi, I made this post in a different thread:
    I am looking for headphones to game with, however I am not a competitive gamer and rarely find myself playing many multiplayer games these days. I also listen to music, but nowhere near as much as I game, I listen to metal, rock and sometimes the odd electronic track.As for the sound card, I guess I just want a card that will drive the headphones and give good sound quality.I have a budget of around £250 (Yes, I'm from the UK!) for both, but that can change if a setup out of that range is noticeably better. I will likely buy from Amazon.co.uk, unless any of you know of any UK retailers!
    I've read Mad Lust Envy's guide, and it is very useful, however it still doesn't help me find a good sound card, also after reading the guide, I will probably go with the DT770 80 Ohm edition. Is this a good choice?
  14. everlong
    Looking for 2 headphones, one for my rig in the livingroom. Those need to be closed(not only me in the room) and comfortable, my pick:
    Beyerdynamic DT770 80 Pro
    And one to my office, these can be open(only me in the room) and comfortable. My pick:
    HiFiman HE-400 or AKG-550.
    I do listen to all kind of music, so I can't really say that i will only listen to rock, or acoustic...
    The amps that gonna be used is Objective2's.
    Think I found the right headphones?
  15. KG Jag
    You certainly have picked some good, but very different headphones on your list. 
    What sound signature are you going for?
    What is the format of your music and other sounds you will putting into these cans?
    Do you wear glasses or have a beard or side burns that will come up against the ear pad of the K 550 and might compromise its seal?

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