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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

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  1. Hisoundfi Contributor
    This questioned can't be directly answered because it's a matter of preference. Yes, some will definitely say either one is an upgrade depending on their preference.

    I do find it easier to recommend the Macaws because they offered three tuning filters. They have a awesome level of detail and separation as well.

    The fit is tricky. The housings are pretty heavy and without the right tip they can be a real PITA.

    The KC06a is epic with a forward presentation and plenty of bass response.

    I guess the better thing to do would be to ask what improvements you would like to see over the T1E. That would make this question easier to answer.

  2. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Dude, you should just up the anti and get the er4p and be done with it. It's perfect for what you're looking for. If you can handle a little bass with that bright signature, Vsonic gr07 or vsd5 might be the answer.
  3. Hisoundfi Contributor

    Just want to add, the VE Duke fits in what you're looking for to a certain degree. Good isolation and a bright upper half. It's not for sale right now but should be soon.

    It's a bit pricey but well worth it IMHO
  4. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] I will EASILY recommend the Bette F3 10mm. They are simply Brilliant. A little bright for my personal taste but they will be right up your alley. I really haven't heard anything better in quite some time. You would have to go many, many times their pricepoint to get any significant improvement in SQ.
    JMHO, and I'm sticking with it.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  5. RedTwilight
    @TwinACStacks, how would you describe them, compared to the Deltas?
  6. RedJohn456
    I set up a tao bao account. So now I am having a tough time setting up ali play. Can't I just pay by paypal or credit card directly?
  7. pat1984
    I always pay directly using my credit card on aliexpress. Paypal may not be an option though...
  8. audioxxx

    By any chance have you compared the Bette's to these:

  9. RedJohn456

    But can I pay directly on Tao bao with a credit card directly? Am pissed off trying to make an Alipay account running into errors
  10. pat1984

    Sorry, I misunderstood your question... I have never bought from taobao and hence cannot help you there...
  11. Gracesheng
    Credit card is available, while paypal is not
  12. EISENbricher
    Never made an AliPay account. I always pay via credit card on AliExpress. Works.
  13. OopsWrongPlanet
    This phone looks interesting : QKZ ZS1
    5 votes (all 5 stars) and only 1 order! Interesting puzzle.
    But when you check the feedback page there are references to some "E-Blue Cobra headphones".
    It's just getting stranger.
    Anyways the ZS1 looks nice.
  14. airomjosh
    you can only pay directly on taobao if your credit/debit card is link to your alipay account. I am not sure though if alipay accept credit/debit cards issued outside China. Another thing to take note is, most sellers do not ship to other countries but of course you can have an arrangement with the seller.
  15. HiFiChris Contributor

    That model is most likely a slightly cheaper ZN1 without the EQ-/Amp-Module.
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