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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

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  1. ozkan
    New Macaw looks so tempting but I must resist. [​IMG] I wanna buy Macaw GT100S, KZ ATE and this one. I've already purhased CKR9 LTD  and will be getting them hopefully this week.
  2. B9Scrambler

    Those ALI-CKR9LTDs are awesome. They are kinda subpar for low volume listening, but give them a bit of juice and dude....outstanding.
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  3. Mr Trev
    Can't go wrong with the ATE. Still getting plenty o use from mine
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  4. HiFiChris Contributor

    Out of the ZN1, EDSE and ED9, the ATE is my favourite KZ-IEM.

    I just took a look at my MR3, and the lows transducer definitely consists of two chambers, with four solder points on it (and on each is a wire).
    I also just directly compared it with my UERM and the MR3 is definitely on the bright side. And as I wrote in my review back then, there is some moderate emphasis on the upper bass and (lower) ground-tone, adding a little warmth, but the rest of the lows lack any emphasis and the IEMs still sound neutralish-bright. Just for example, the Shure SE425, InEar StageDiver SD-2 and Havi B3 Pro I (stock tips, good seal provided) have more "warmth" in the upper bass and ground-tone area.

    Other possibilities: the pair you auditioned had another cable than the stock one (with a different impedance) or you mixed the MR2 up with the MR3, as I doubt that the MR2 uses the same lows transducer (hence I wanted to see close-ups [​IMG]).
    Anyway, I find that the MR3 does a lot right for the asked price.
  5. Trapok

    Could you make a little comparison ALI-CKR9LTDs vs JVC HA-FXH30
  6. B9Scrambler

    For sure. If I have the chance I'll sit down and listen to them tonight. Need to update my FXH30 review with an FRD80 comparo anyways. Kill two birds with one stone :D
  7. LeeOscar
    I've sifted through this thread quite a bit but I still can't decide what budget IEMs to get. Any suggestions under this criteria: 
    -Free international shipping (I'm in Canada)
    -Right angle or durable straight AUX plug (Galaxy Note 4 + shallow pockets = easy to break straight plugs)
    -Not terribly unappealing (physically)

    Music source:
    -Samsung Galaxy Note 4
    Taste preference:
    Music preference:
    -Rap, R&B, EDM
    -$15 (+/- few bucks if it really is worth it)
  8. Trapok

    For the FRD80 could you test the Mic too with smartphone(I try to find Phone with better Mic than those on KZ)
  9. slowpickr
    Rock Zircon FTW!
  10. Ulti
    Hey guys, I need some help in buying a budget IEM. What I want is something with brilliant isolation first and foremost, followed by a bright sound signature.
    I love the sound of the Chinese IEMs I have such as the Xiaomi Pistons 2, KZ ATE/ED10, Ostry KC06A and MacaW GT100s but their isolation really sucks on the London Underground. The London Underground is old and crappy so the tubes screech like a banshee. I know foams help a lot with isolation but I don't like the sound from foams as much as silicone tips. 
    Out of the IEMs I had, I remember my Etymotic HF5s and UE700s were really good with isolation. Out of the IEMs I currently have, the Heir Audio 3.Ai S have the best isolation but it's a bit too expensive for me to take out and about all the time. I would say next are the EarSonics SM3 I have but I plan to sell those on eBay. 
    I don't know if it's because BA IEMs are mainly closed or because of their design, but those 4 seem to isolate pretty well compared to the dynamics that I've got from China over the last few months.
    Does anyone know of something that will fit what I want?
    If no such thing exists I will most likely go for the Etymotic MK5s but at £50 here in the UK (~$75), they're not exactly cheap although still very affordable. 
  11. ajaxender
    Rock Zircon seems ideal and I don't even have one of them (yet). I would also recommend ED10, just in general, although its not straight up in your face bass. 
  12. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] Yep. With those musical genres' the Rock Zircon is a No brainer. It excels at them.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  13. B9Scrambler

    It's the same Mic as that used on the FRD60, which to say is by far and away the best I've used. I was walking around in a windstorm talking to my gf. When I asked if the wind noise was an issue she said she had no idea I was outside. If that's not a glowing commendation, I don't know what is.

    * Edit: FXH30 review updated with comparisons of the FRD80 and ALI-CKR9LTD: http://www.head-fi.org/t/778412/review-of-the-jvc-ha-fxh30-by-b9scrambler#post_11853700 *
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  14. LeeOscar
    Thanks guys. I went ahead and ordered the Rock Zircons from Teresa!
  15. Igor Eisberg

    You won't be disappointed. Got about 11 earphones (and 8 more on the way) and none of them beats the Zircon.
    The only ones that came close are KZ ED10 and Razer Hammerhead Pro.
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