1. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...
  2. UnknownAX

    Lasmex H-75

    I'm interested in the Lasmex-H75 headphones, but I can't find much information about them exept that people really like them and the packaging+connector look like they're worth more than the headphones cost... They're fairly new on the market. I hope someone has tried them, and can give me a...
  3. Wintersxx866

    Superlux 668b vs Somic MH463 vs Takstar Hi 2050

    Just wondering on the budget kings anybody have any recommendations how how these compare to the Mid fi class headphones?? I already bought the Somics but are very interested in the other two as well!
  4. Davicii

    Headphones under $50 recommendation

    I'm looking for some headphones under $50. I typically listen to Dubstep and often complain about the lack of bass or sound I get from most headphones, but i also listen to other types of music. I have my eye on one pair here but I'm not sure it will be up to my standards, if you have any other...
  5. Joe Bloggs

    The Somic Thread--50mm driver open air full size cans pop out of nowhere, sound amazing

    2016-02-27 edit:  These have been replaced for the most part by a new model called the V2, which appears similar externally, with some internal tweaks.  The driver size has gone down from 50 to 42mm, it is however made of a different material.  The pads are now velour and are deeper.   I did...
  6. xdog

    Somic mh4XX in-ear headphones reviews

    Chinese company Somic, makes few in-ear headphones in its mh series: 401,403,407,410,417 (with the 'i' versions with microphone) Since there is no source of information about those iems, it makes even hard to choose one for random testing.   I own the mh407 and mh410 currently, so now I'll...
  7. bhazard

    Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

    Many Chinese audio companies produce excellent quality equipment, and most of us in the US and in other places of the world know little about them. I'm hoping this thread becomes one easy place to come to for questions about these brands, as it is difficult to find info. Much of this info is...
  8. SubConcussive

    Good pair of headphones for USD $50-$100 range?

    I'm too stupid to even know where to start.  Quality is key, but I enjoy lots of bass as well. Typing this up quickly, will give any additional info needed.
  9. wes1099

    Somic MH463 vs Takstar Hi 2050

    Which one do you guys think is better in terms of soundstage, sound quality, and bass? I want something for gaming and listening to various electronic genres such as dubstep so good bass would be nice. For gaming i need something with good soundstage and sound quality, and good bass would make...
  10. Somic HD MH463 Open-air Dynamic Pro Headphones (Black)

    Somic HD MH463 Open-air Dynamic Pro Headphones (Black)

    Open-air Dynamic Headphones