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Good pair of headphones for USD $50-$100 range?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by subconcussive, Jul 30, 2013.
  1. SubConcussive
    I'm too stupid to even know where to start. 
    Quality is key, but I enjoy lots of bass as well. Typing this up quickly, will give any additional info needed.
  2. techboy
    Pioneer SE a1000
  3. Magicman74

    There is NO good quality headphone in this range that will give you good Bass.  Yeah you can easily get some "Beat" type tubby bloated mess in this range. You need to add about $50-100 More to get something that will be Good-Great Bass.
    There are only a handful of phones in this price range that are Really good.  The Koss DJ100 and Cal are the best, Handsdown!!!
    You really have to be in the $100-200 range to get a decent set.  The thing with the Koss and Cal, They punch WAY above their weight when it comes to price/performance ratio.  The Koss DJ100 amped proper even sound better to my ears then the HD650.
    So a $50 can hanging with a $400 one really is a phone worth it. Most of the time a $50 can is just that, a $50 can!!
  4. jmoore914
    Haven't tried them but S500 are almost always suggested at this price range.
  5. drivers66
    Takstar Pro80, a closed headphone, with a lot of bass, and an atonishing sound quality. For a open headphone, with also quite bass, and a very good sound, look for Somic MH-463.  
  6. Assimilator702
    You could always just get a pair of JVC HARX-700 which are one of the best for the money and just do more research to know what your flavor is.....theres a good chance you might not feel the need to get anything better.
    And they're built very well....and not just for the price.
    I've held cans in the $200 range that didn't feel as sturdy and well built as my HARX-700.
  7. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Gemini HSR-1000 (Takstar Pro 80) closed headphones, $50 on eBay.
  8. mvrk10256
    New or used? 
    If used is ok you might be able to snag some V-Moda's, 900x for just under 100 bucks. AD700 for ~80 used, if open back is ok. I  love mine. 
  9. Magicman74
    Buy this guys Koss and call it a day....Hell he already has the M50 pads ($20)  Then save up $200 or so until you can get something higher up the chain.
    It's RETARDED these are still for sale!!!
  10. mvrk10256
  11. Magicman74
  12. GaryPham
    ATH-M50 goes down to 100 dollars every few weeks or so.  Creative Aurvana Lives are also great too.  The FA003's and all its cloned are good too, but are quite veiled and not as versatile as some of these other choices.
  13. syllable
    i recommend syllable g04 stereo headphone with active noise cancelling. it is the good quality and best sound.
  14. Ap616
    Philips CitiScape Uptown have good bass, comfort, and build quality, not to mention good looks. $75 on Amazon... really great headphones for the price. I like the Music Seal feature that barely leaks anything at high volumes.

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