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Superlux 668b vs Somic MH463 vs Takstar Hi 2050

  1. Wintersxx866
    Just wondering on the budget kings anybody have any recommendations how how these compare to the Mid fi class headphones?? I already bought the Somics but are very interested in the other two as well!
  2. sfwalcer

    I used to have both of the 668Bs and MH463s, the somics are leaps and bounds better than the 668Bs in not just built quality but sound as well. The entire package of the superluxes including sound were so meh. Nothing in them really stands out sonically while the mids in the somics are really nice along with great amount of sub/ mid bass. Just too bad the highs on the somics are pretty dry and unrefined. But yeah these somics blows the superluxes outta the water in all respects. I too am curious on how the Takstars stack up to the somics as well.
    Hope this helps.
  3. Wintersxx866
    Hmmm very interesting!! I am very excited now to try out my Somics for the first time! I am not sure if this is correct but I heard the Takstars Hi 2050s and the Technical Pro HT990s are the same headphone? If this is the case I have heard in the Somic thread that they are much better built and also have better SQ as well.  I will update this post with the quote when I find it.  Or somebody feel free to post their opinion!
  4. Wintersxx866
     Immediate differences noticed when switching back and forth with the HPT990 - a competitor in terms of price, though it looks like theyre abit more expensive than the MH463 right now - The 990s have more of a upper mid to lower treble emphasis with a slightly recessed midrange compared to the 463, making them sound seemingly airier and abit more detailed. They both have some midbass warmth to them but to me the 463s warmth is more pronounced, which is probably why mids/vocals sound more forward, thick and intimate. Bass on the 990 extends down deeper into the sub-bass than the 463. The 990s sound like they have a wider soundstage despite them being semi-open vs the open 463; it must be the velour pads and airiness added on from the slightly more emphasized top end. The 463 is better with depth though and beats the 990 out in terms of forward projection. Both have fairly good imaging and separation. Both make for some solid gaming cans. I actually spent a lot of yesterday playing ACIII using the Somics and it was a great experience.
    Above Quote from: kidcharlemagna
    Not sure exactly which he prefers in the end but the Takstar seems to be leading with airiness while the MH463s are better at just about everything else.  Might just the velour pads which can be fixed on the MH463s I think with some Hifiman Velours.  Definitely interested if anybody has the two and can further add on!
  5. akbisw
    I played around with the Somic and compared it to my HTF600. came to the conclusion that Somic is much better built and has very similar audio to the Panasonic, but the HTF has the Somic mh463 beat in both highs and mids. Their bass are comparable. Also htf is $30 brand new.
    Using stock pleather pads on both, the audio feels a bit mushy. I prefer the airy feel of velour pads. Nonetheless, the HTF still came out on top even when I tried both with velour pads. Again bass on both is incredibly pronounced but HTF has better highs, probably sparkly highs. Soundstage on both is about the same. I have not tried AD700 but I can definitely guess that their sundstage is not as big as the AD.
    I have not tried a balanced high end headphone (like Senn ) to understand what proper mid and high audio should sound like. But with what little experience I have I can definitely say that the Pannys are a better version of Somic audio wise, but then again Somic is built like a tank. Panasonic definitely skimped on build quality on the htf to bring it down to $30. Somics are going for $50+. Both use pleather pads, so I personally switched them to Aura velour pads but the Somic pleather pad is much better than the HTF. 
    Sound: Panasonic HTF600
    Build: Somic MH463
    Price/Perf: HTF
    This is my opinion and don't use this as the only basis to make a decision.
  6. BBEG
    I own both the Hi 2050 and the MH463. The Somics audio quality beats the 2050s. Comfort goes to the Hi 2050s without question. When you put Turtle Beach pads on the MH463, comfort between the two becomes a lot closer together, with the 2050s still winning because they're lighter.
    I have no idea what mods I can do to get the Hi 2050s to sound like what I think they can sound. They need to be more open. But they lack bass in quantity and impact, despite the fairly thick cloth lining inside. I feel like no matter what is done to the 2050s, they'll need EQing.
    Conversely, the main goal of the MH463s is just to make them more comfortable. I love the audio quality, but it is the least comfortable pair of headphones (stock) I've ever worn. I feel like it can be modified extensively (and successfully) for comfort, but it will require time, patience, and probably one or two extra pairs.
  7. pro1137
    I was really considering getting the MH463, but I already have the Hi2050.
    What is wrong with the pads? I see that complaint a lot.

    I agree that the 2050 needs to sound more open. Compared to my HD681F (semi-open), the Hi2050 sounds almost like a closed headphone. 
    However, I disagree that the 2050 lacks in the bass department. It's perfect for monitoring, which is what I mainly use it for, but on the occasions when I use it for casual listening, I find the bass to be accurate and plentiful. For my ideal casual listening experience, I would want a little more. Like DT770 style. 

    As for comfort, have you ever tried the Auvio HF202? Those were the worst that I'd ever worn. Dreadful comfort.
  8. Odderen
    I've heard both of them and to me the takstars we're clearly superior. The Somics sounded grainy and thick in comparison. They were also much better build and comfort is in a whole other league. The takstars also scales much higher with better equipment.

    Just my 0.02 cents

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