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Somic mh4XX in-ear headphones reviews

  1. xdog
    Chinese company Somic, makes few in-ear headphones in its mh series:
    401,403,407,410,417 (with the 'i' versions with microphone)
    Since there is no source of information about those iems, it makes even hard to choose one for random testing.
    I own the mh407 and mh410 currently, so now I'll just make a very short summary about these models (later I'll add something more later, since I have to relisten to them)
    Those use balanced armature unit (I think that they use 2 of those, however I'm not really sure).
    And the sound is outstanding (at least the mids), they have large level of detail and clarity.
    The bass is there and is actually good, maybe it does not go down deep.
    The highs, hmm.. I don't remeber.
    In summary those iems in sound signature kind of remaind me of sennheiser ovation headphones.
    There are also very lound (kind of 20% loundness on my phone is equivalent to ~60% of loundness for rest of iems).
    The one problem is that due to their low impedance - 12ohm (and sensitivity) on some devices some buzzing is noticable.
    I was actually really impressed with those.
    (ps there is some italian review of these iems)
    Those are quite bright headphones, they have some aggresiveness, the bass is noticable, but is weak.
    I only heard/found some (short) opinions about:
    mh401 - bass spills to lower mids
    mh403 - the opinion was negative
  2. bhazard
    I'll have a few of these in the next few weeks. Somic is a very good brand. Their headphones and 7.1 gaming headsets are also outstanding for the money. They've impressed me.
  3. xdog
    I've gave them additional try yesterday.
    Mh407: I'm actually still very impressed, dynamics and detail are one of the best I've heard, at least in the mids, as there are some deficiencies in low end and high end (or saying it otherwise they are not U shapped).
    Actually listening to everything on these iems is nice, at least if it is demanding (there are better and cheaper choices for EDM/hip-hop, like hd381) [manly because the vocals sound fantastic]
    Mh410: OMG, they are so aggresive and bright (but they are kind good at it), everything is edgy (espacially guitars), and you can here the siblance. The bass is basically eaten by the mids, which are in turn eaten by the highs (if you can get to the bass it is kind of ok for classical music/jazz but for hiphop/edm it will not suffice).
    410 sounded kind of good with soft/alternative rock (cranberries, green day,...) but metal (tristania,epica) was unberrable
    PS: I've listenem to them only for 2-3 hours (from what 1 hour was yesterday), so those effects might diminish with time (and I think that actually happened during time)
  4. bhazard
    Have you tried different tips on the mh407 to fix the deficiencies? Memory foam tips have made my RE-400 much better over the stock ones.
  5. xdog
    Maybe the term "deficiency" regarding mh4010 is not the right word,
    I would say that there is no 'extra bass' in those headphones, however it is there and is really good
    (kind of in sennheiser ovation way).
    The highs are somewhat lacking something, but actually I would not expect that much from an iem.
    And generally I'm happy with the purchase
  6. bhazard
    Got my MH407 yesterday.... when I opened the box, the earphones weren't in it. Now I have to go through the trouble of trying to get them sent or refunded.
    Don't order from Dealextreme (dx.com)
  7. xdog
    I meant the mh407,
    also found out that there is mh405 heaphone
  8. bhazard
    Got the mh401 yesterday. Very nice packaging for a $20 earphone.
    I LOVE the magnet feature, and anti-tangle cable. The shell is magnetized and they snap together into a T-formation. Very cool. They also use memory foam tips, which I like much better than silicone for isolation, comfort, and better sound.
    They can be driven easily from a smartphone, and they have powerful, impressive sub-bass for an 8.6mm driver. HUGE bass, nice and clear, and it doesn't muddy the mids or highs at all. The bass does spill into the lower mids a bit, but EQ easily corrects it. It is one of the only earphones/headphones that I don't need to EQ more bass into to satisfy me. Mids are very slightly recessed, and highs seem neutral.
    Out of the box, it doesn't match the mid clarity that my RE-400's have, but the bass capability is much more impressive. 1 hour in, and I'm liking them alot so far. I like them better than my Philips SHE3590 and Monoprice 9927 as my new favorite budget earphone.
    Hoping that dealxtreme will actually send my mh407's and not just stick me with an empty box like they did.
  9. bhazard
    I'm still loving the MH401. Still waiting on my other pairs to arrive. More fun to listen to than my RE-400 ($99).
    More people need to try them. Memory foam comply type earbuds, huge bass with overall clarity, magnet locking. ~$20.
  10. xdog
    I've ordered mh417
  11. bhazard
    Got the MH405 today. Another great ~$20 earphone.
    Slightly less bass than the 401, but still lots of it. Mids slightly more forward, decent highs extension.
  12. bhazard
    The MH417 is my new favorite. The MH410 sounds good with some added EQ in the low end, but the 417 sounds great without any EQ.
  13. bhazard
    Oh wow, these MH407s are no joke.
    They are as clear as the A161P, without the aggressive treble. I like the 407s better.
    They lack bass just like the RE-400, but have better response and extension up high. They might be just as good. They don't respond to EQ down low though, where the RE-400 does and can get a nice deep bass.
  14. bhazard
    Just got the MH403, and just as expected, they rock. They are tiny and practically disappear in your ear. Big bass, slightly recessed mids, rolled off highs.
    Needs more burn in, but I approve already. I haven't heard a bad Somic IEM yet.
  15. xdog
    Still waiting for my 417 & 405 :frowning2:

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