Somic MH463 vs Takstar Hi 2050
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Which one do you guys think is better in terms of soundstage, sound quality, and bass? I want something for gaming and listening to various electronic genres such as dubstep so good bass would be nice. For gaming i need something with good soundstage and sound quality, and good bass would make gunshots and explosions sound amazing. Thanks for any feedback!
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I have actually a collection of takstar/somic headphones, I don't have the hi 2050, but I have pro 80.
I cannot fully recomend the Somic MH463 (see my post on 50nm drivers pop out of nowhere) - little left/right driver imbalance;
besides that the place where cable goes into the headphone cracks, and the pads are kind of flat.
In terms of build quality (igonring the the cracking cable and pads) are great [the way how the almost 0.5kg metal feel), beside they are ok for large heads (with takstar you might some confort problems). The build of takstar pro80 is very good but no so amazing.
As to the sound quality:
The Somics have an initial WOW-effect, like female vocals sound amazing [kind of vocal/mid focused; just how these vocals lacks out of these open headphones is supper], the scene is big; kind of a good stuff for gothic metal/diva pop; however they sound hmm... cold/freezing [I mean here not the lack of lower mids/higher bass, but just imagine that your band playing in the middle of arctic desert]
The Pro80 have a delicate sound signature {I would imaging that engineers at takstar had some conversation like this 'We have this amazing 53mm driver, we could make this headphones just explode with amount of bass/treble'; but another engineer said 'No we cann't do this, some people don't like much of bass/treble, and they would be sad if we did that]; I would say that they are fun when listening to pop or alternative rock
As to bass:
The somica mh463 are very good in that respect, with no EQ they produce punchy bass (at high volumns you can really feel that punch/the driver moving), something which is great for like rock/metal; and still with EQ the bass can be more fluid/extensive (kind of something that I would like for minimal techno/dubstep/triphop)
As I said the Pro80 are have a delicate sound, so the bass is there, it is good, but it is by no means impresive (i doesn't go that well with EQ); and please note that people complaint that hi-2050 have a little of bass (I would guess that those headphones are great for jazz, clasical rock)
I actually listen a lot to pro80 which i have in my work; and from time to time to somics mh463 (due to pads, and the slightly left/right frequency response shift)
So in summary:
MH463 give greate initial impresions, but for longer term/use I would go with Pro80.
Another options are takstars hd6000, more bass than pro80, but smaller soundstage (they are very closed headphones)
Or for electronic music the mh489 (they are really semi open headphones), however the large pads there make them unusable in summer;
but in comparison, I find its bass response to be better for electronic music, the soundstage is also quite wide, but the sound is more concentrated (mh463 produces large sound areas in your head - maybe due to that uneven L/R frequency response), and they are not that vocal concentrated (and they look amazing), but since the summer I've left them in the closet.
Please note that I have also a tendency to use up the cheaper headphones first; that is one of the reasons that hd6000/mh463/mh489 are largely left unused
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I would just want to add that mh489 are quite headphones, they are a little bit more louder than 300Ohms sennheisers;
On my phone, the sound level is ok just for quite listening [I think that spl there is 86]

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