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  2. Aaron94

    Looking for new home listening headphone!

    Hey guys, recently Ive been looking for another new headphone that I can use while sitting at my desk enjoying my music, as well as some light gaming. In the past months Ive really grown away from my LP2s bloated bass, and my Zoros clamping pressure, both have begun to fatigue my ears after...
  3. drizzt5

    Possibly low end but best sound headphone suggestions.

    Hello,   I'm looking for some headphones that are comfortable and provide the best sound relative to their cheapness.    Can anyone suggest anything better than these?  ...
  4. jugate

    Recomendations under 99 dolars

    I need a upgrade for the fidelio l1.   ath-m30 koss dj 100 takstar 2050 samsonb 950   or what? thanks a lot.   is for music, celtic/rock/pop/clasic so wanted to be a all ground headphone.
  5. starbux48

    Takstar HI 2050 Open headphones any good? Looking below $100

    Reviews on Amazon.com look very good for cans selling under $60.  I prefer Open-Air(Back) cans, will run mostly off my computer output.  Enjoyed Senn 518s before, AKG K240 and MKII's, Beyer DT660's.  Loved the Beyers to death but unable right now to afford them.  Takstars look a lot like the...
  6. Folex


    This was a project that started together with Casper Aug 8th as an idea and today about a month later has become a reality. Unreal professional work done by casper. Able to take all the ideas I had and put them into my new favorite headphone.    Absolutely LOVE these headphones.    What...
  7. pumaX

    Headphones for a beginner

    Hello. I am looking to buy new headphones with the budget of ~100€. Right now I just have my (bad?) headset. I've been thinking of Superlux HD 668-B's and as they're semi-open do they leak much sound? Like can someone hear my music from another room or from a three meter distance? Any other...
  8. Belial88

    Pioneer SE-A1000 vs Takstar 2050 vs Superlux 668B/681/EVO/SR850?

    Just curious how these 3 compare. 3 open, $50 or less headphones that seem to dominate the sub-$100 category (if open is okay for you, plenty of good closed ones out there I'm not going into, but sound leakage is fine with me). The Superluxes are usually around $30-40, so even cheaper...
  9. Wintersxx866

    Superlux 668b vs Somic MH463 vs Takstar Hi 2050

    Just wondering on the budget kings anybody have any recommendations how how these compare to the Mid fi class headphones?? I already bought the Somics but are very interested in the other two as well!
  10. Jim McC

    Open or Closed cans for movies ?

    Is either one better for movies?   Do movies require a large soundstage, like open cans provide?   Thanks.
  11. Fearless1

    Wow, the Takstar 2050 is pretty good.

    I was looking for a set of "cheaper" head phones for my father who auditioned my Lcd-2s the other day when he came to visit (he usually has no interest in audio but saw them hanging there and thought they looked interesting) when he said, "grab me something cheap and a small amp for music on my...
  12. Birdman74

    Suggest me a good headphone

    hey guys and gals, I need suggestions on a new set of headphones,  I will use them for everyday stuff mostly music and movies. I don't listen to rap or hip hop. I'm not thinking about a budget right now, but wouldn't want to spend a thousand bucks either. I want something good, that will last. I...
  13. Maker

    DT 990 Pro 250Ohm without amp?

    Hello, so i´m going to buy dt 990 pro but currently i only own Steelseries USB Soundcard. So my question is how will they sound without amp ? I´m going to buy amp/new soundcard at my birthday 3.3. Will the sound be alot better with amp? Thank you
  14. Daedraen

    Open, around-the-ear + Sound card for competitive gaming (200$)

    Hello everyone.   I need new headphones or headset and sound card for competitive gaming. My preferences:   Build: - Large around-the-ear pads with space to breathe. - Only open back! - Only velour pads! - Long cord from only one earpad.   Sound: - Competitive gaming only...
  15. soundisee

    Cheap Headphones vs Expensive

    I am curious to know how many of you (if any at all) who have higher end headphones (DT880/990, AKG Q/K 701/2's, HD600/650, HifiMan 400's, etc) have replaced their mid/expensive cans with a less expensive headphones under $100? It doesn't have to be that you have "replaced" your headphones but...
  16. WildStyle-R11

    Looking for headset for games (mostly)

    So I just got my Asus Xonar Essence one, Loving it! I got speakers for now, Will post when I get in the mood for new ones... ^^ So I am looking for a Headset...Yes Headset with mic, Mostly going to use it for gaming and some late time music/movies perhaps Something of decent quality and...
  17. Ch1Kn

    Comparism Ultrasone hfi580 Audio Technica ad700

    looking for cheap entrylevel hifi headphones. was thinking about getting unltrasone or audio technica ad700 i mostly listen to edm.   I live in canada and can get ath  ad700 for 100$ or Ultrasone hfi580 for 150$. I heard the ad700 has low bass i also think im a bit of a basshead but...
  18. Toneof Voice

    looking for usb sound card / DAC to connect to my sony amp max ~120$

    Hi there guys,    I am looking for a decent sound card (usb) at max 120$.   I need the sound card only for listening to music. I want to use my small PC as a Mediaplayer, connected to my amp   I was pondering to buy the Behringer UCA222, but then the price seems to cheap for me to...
  19. pro1137

    If I already own the DT770 Pro, would it be a bad idea to purchase an open-backed pair for around $60?

    I currently own the DT770 pro headphones. I was wanting to order a pair of open-backed headphones like the Superlux 668b or Takstar Hi2050. Would those headphones provide a different enough sound to be worthwhile? Or should I just stick with the DT770?
  20. Nafixd

    Need Headphones for certain genres!

    I need headphones that make voices (in the songs) clear and are very well all around.   Some examples of artists I listen to: Maroon 5, Adele, Christina Perri, Bruno Mars, and Orchestral music (Basically violin/cello with a piano).   The orchestral music is my favorite, like I want to...
  21. lisagorbin

    superlux hd330/660 or soundmagic e10?

    they say full sized headphones have better sound quality than iems of the same price..so what would you recommend between these headphones? im just considering sound quality and lifespan..obviously im tight on budget..thanks
  22. pro1137

    Suggestions for open/semi-open headphones under $50?

    Hey Head-Fi! I'd like some suggestions for a pair of open-backed or semi-open headphones under $50.  I know about the Panasonic HTF600 and the Superlux 668b, but are there any others that you would possibly recommend more?   I have an amp, so it's not a factor whether they should be used...
  23. quastar

    Bass+gaming headphone

    I'm looking for a new pair of budget headphones for general purpose use, but mainly with emphasis on bass and gaming.  My current everyday pair are the Samson SR850 (EQ'd) and for me, these do the job well.  I'm looking for something to spice it up a bit.  I've tried the Sony XB500 and the...
  24. morijinal

    What's my bottleneck? How good is my audio source? Will it do good headphones justice?

    Hi all, thanks for taking the time to read my post. I am looking at buying some good headphones that will be used exclusively for listening at my computer in my home study. I've been spending lots of time looking for the perfect headphone - and then I realized that a lot of money could go to...
  25. LaPeste

    Advice for headphone over ear with a budget of 65/70€

    Hi, i'm new in this forum. I would like a new headphone but i have a limited budget of 65-70 €. I have got the sennheiser px 200 (the first model) from 5 years and now i want change it with a better over ear headphone. My favorite music is Metal music and hard rock but sometimes i listen...