1. headfig

    EFi-82 MT or MH463 vs. Superlux HD681EVO?

    I'm not too crazy for base, prefer things as natural as possible. I'm using this for classical and rock in addition to movies on a laptop.
  2. jdogw

    New headphones

    My last headphones broke and I am now looking for a new pair. I have found a lot of nice looking headphones out there but I'm having a hard time choosing. Can any of you guys recommend me a pair of headphones that are circumaural, comfortable, have good bass and under $65? No beats, skullcandy...
  3. CashNotCredit

    Somic EFi-82 MT: Believe the Hype

    In 2010, there was Superlux. In early 2012, there was Jaycar. Several months ago, there was JVC's HA-S line. Head-Fi's ability to find mid-fi headphones at downright laughable prices has always been commendable. But all too often, these headphones get bragged up as being better than flagship...
  4. Davicii

    Headphones under $50 recommendation

    I'm looking for some headphones under $50. I typically listen to Dubstep and often complain about the lack of bass or sound I get from most headphones, but i also listen to other types of music. I have my eye on one pair here but I'm not sure it will be up to my standards, if you have any other...
  5. bhazard

    Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

    Many Chinese audio companies produce excellent quality equipment, and most of us in the US and in other places of the world know little about them. I'm hoping this thread becomes one easy place to come to for questions about these brands, as it is difficult to find info. Much of this info is...
  6. ceradon

    Good headphones under $60 (Quite a specific taste)

    I decided to buy the new Black iPod touch 5th Generation. But right now, I have some below-the-knee quality $18 In-Ear headphones that I'm ready to throw away. I want to make a change now (I've pretty much sticked with In-Ear headphones for quite some time) and go with Over-Ear headphones. I'm...
  7. alexander321

    ATH M50 vs Somic Efi-82 Mt vs Superlux HD-681EVO vs Sony Mdr-1r

    Hi head-fiers. I am in a search for crisp sounding headphones with a brutal soundstage. ATH M50 vs Somic Efi-82 Mt vs Superlux HD-681EVO vs Sony Mdr-1r are some of the models I've been considering. Can you help me which one to choose or propose another model ?
  8. Somic EFi82MT

    Somic EFi82MT

    Driver diameter: Φ50mm Impedance: 64Ω Frequency response: 10Hz~28kHz Sensitivity( S.P.L): 97dB±3dB (at 1KHz ) Cord length: approx.1.80 meters Extra cord length: approx.3.0 meter Plug: Φ3.5mm Net weight: approx.329g