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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

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  1. Whitigir

    ATH ckr9, ckr10, I'm-50/70/02/03

    Even more bass, and realistic timbres JvC, FX750/850.
  2. NuckinFutz


    Chramko You listen to similar music to me, I agree with above...I found them not only bright but just 'off' up top, didn't sound natural at all. They are also recessed in the mids, guitars are way back in the mix, but obviously this may be your preference.
  3. Inszy
    Phonak Audeo PFE012 or PFE112 - both with grey filters. We listen to similar music and that's what I chose in this budget.
  4. eaglearrow
    DUNU Titan1ES : Looks like a trimmed down version of Titan 1. Just for $55
  5. mochill

    I don't have headphone,only the duke and three earbuds :laughing:
  6. slowpickr
  7. Trapok

    Cheaper on ALI here:
    And you have this one with BA:
    An more expensive from the same brand(I wait for any avice for this one):
  8. Trapok
    @Hisoundfi :  Do you have the Macaw GT100 and the Ostry kc06, if you do, plz can you tell me if they are a step above TTPOD T1E and which one you recommend me.
  9. Hisoundfi Contributor
    The Macaw is pretty epic. The fit can be a bit finicky but with the right tip and filter they sound incredible. KC06a is no slouch either. Both are very good buys IMHO.

    I'm gna simmer on this and get back to you guys later this afternoon. I'm at work right now.

    PS, I am going to be getting the new Macaws in as well along with the Sidy DM4 in a week or two. I'm very excited to hear both.

    Cheers fellas
    Trapok likes this.
  10. B9Scrambler

    Yeah, I meant to edit that comment but lost internet connection.

    Wanted to note that both of those options were on the brighter side, but are outstanding with the genres listed.

    The FXH30 starts off bright, but after putting a large number of hours on them they've really mellowed out. They have a nice warmth to them that is missing on the Titans, which is just one of a few reasons why I prefer them.
  11. RedJohn456

    new Macaw? Do tell more :D
  12. Inszy
    GT100s need lots o power to sound great. And I mean it - lots and lots of power. Fiio X5, xDuoo X3 or iFi iDSD Nano, it's not enough. With them Macaws sounds pretty good, but nothing close to epic in this price.
    But I plugged them to stationary hybrid amp and guys... WOW!
  13. Selenium
  14. RedJohn456
  15. Selenium
    Metal. No idea what they're going to sound like, but the GT100 is so good I'm not terribly worried.
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