1. DUNU-Topsound

    DUNU 2023 Black Friday Sales Are Live! Up to 30% off + additional 10% off sitewide!

    Are you guys ready head-fiers! Gear Up for the Shopping Frenzy! Black Friday is right around the corner, and we've got something amazing for you this year! It's the sale you've been waiting for all year. Get ready to snag the best deals! Shop Direct Don't miss out on the hottest...
  2. TaronL

    Dunu Mirai - A Collaboration between Headphones.com, Dunu and Precogvision

    We gave a sneak peak at Mirai during CanJam Socal this year and now, Mirai is finally live and brought to life! Pre-Order the Dunu Mirai Now The Mirai is something we at Headphones.com, Precogvision and Dunu have been hard at work for the last two and half years to deliver an IEM experience...
  3. Sebastien Chiu

    Join DUNU on Tours for the Falcon Ultra, KIMA Classic, and Alpha 3!

    Hi there, It's time for a new tour! We are excited to be sending out the Falcon Ultra, Kima Classic, and Alpha 3. We currently have one set of these three units available for North America and one for the EU. I will be coordinating with @Damz87 on his end for an Australian/New Zealand tour...
  4. Sebastien Chiu

    DUNU’s Summer Sales Are Live!

    It’s that time of year again - DUNU’s summer sales are live for the next week. Enjoy suitable discounts on our leading products, buy a gift for a friend or yourself! Sales pricing up to 30% available through our direct shop now. https://www.dunu-topsound.com/shop
  5. Sebastien Chiu

    Join the World of Mirror, Mirror Blue with DUNU's Falcon Ultra!

    Mirror Blue, Ultra Blue With exacting standards in the production processes, FALCON ULTRA’s stately, elegant mirror blue finish takes anodized surface treatment a step beyond what was previously possible. Whereas the limited-edition FALCON PRO VERNUS was production-limited by low yields, DUNU...
  6. Sebastien Chiu

    DUNU's Alpha 3 Earbuds Are Now Available!

    Introducing the DUNU Alpha 3, a brand new flagship-level flat-head earbuds from the house of DUNU! Massive Sound With A Massive Driver The Alpha 3 is a premium quality set built with large 14.2mm dynamic driver hosting LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) composite diaphragm and independent...
  7. DUNU Falcon Ultra

    DUNU Falcon Ultra

    DUNU has come up with the latest generation of the Falcon series of single dynamic driver IEMs with the launch of Falcon Ultra. It's available in stunning Klein Blue color and comes with dual tuning nozzles. As per the brand-provided information, the driver unit has got a new Lithium Magnesium...
  8. Sebastien Chiu

    DUNU Unveils the Successor to the Legendary SA6, the MK2

    DUNU is proud to present a fully evolved SA6 in its entirety with the MK 2. With the feedback of several year of SA6 and Ultra users, this upgrade comes to completion with a welcome non-limited addition to the studio line. The SA6 takes full advantage of two custom unlidded balanced armatures...
  9. DUNU Studio SA6 MK2

    DUNU Studio SA6 MK2

    DUNU Studio SA6 MK2 6 High-Performance Balanced Armature Drivers | Two Adjustable Tunings | Original Solid Stabilized Wooden Face Covers | High-Quality Hulk Pro Mini Cable | Q-Lock Plus Interchangeable Termination Plug System. Frequency Response: 5 Hz - 40 kHz Impedance: 24 ohms @ 1 kHz...
  10. Sebastien Chiu

    Join DUNU for Our Yearly Spring Sale!

    Hello DUNU fans, We are excited to announce our next sale is taking place this week from 3/22 to 3/29. You can find more information on pricing and products included in the sale below: The sale is LIVE on our direct shop now. Happy saving! Link to purchase items can be found here.
  11. TaronL

    20% Off Focal Headphones + 15% off IEMs

    For the week of March 20th to 26th, save 20% on Focal headphones and other big savings! Shop the sale Full list of savings below 20% off Focal Headphones (includes the new Focal Bathys Wireless ANC Headphones) 20% off NAIM products 15% off Moondrop 15% off Dunu (10% off SA6) 15% off Topping...
  12. Sebastien Chiu

    Give the Gift of DUNU Earphones for the Holidays from 12/19 to 12/26!

    Hey everyone, DUNU is excited to continue our sale season with one more special price drop for our products for the next week. For pricing, see below: EARPHONES Kima 99.99 Talos 179.99 Titan S 69.99 Vulkan 329.99 Falcon Pro 164.99 SA6 479.99 Zen pro 649.99 CASES Leather case DCO01 39.99...
  13. TaronL

    Headphones.com Cyber Monday Deals Are Ending Today!

    Hey everyone, most of our Cyber Monday Deals are ending today so don't miss your chance to grab some of these great steals! Check out all the deals here And if you're looking for anything specific, we've broken them down for you! 10% off Violectric 10% off Niimbus Open-Box Deals Focal Clear...
  14. TaronL

    Black Friday Deals Start at Headphones.com

    Our Black Friday Deals are here early (with more to come this week, refreshed daily)! Click here to see our entire Holiday deal list Check out some of our highlights below! Focal Clear for $839 (original MSRP $1499) & Focal Clear Ear Pads for $79 (original MSRP $199) Sennheiser HD800S...
  15. DUNU SA6 Ultra

    DUNU SA6 Ultra

    DUNU has collaborated with Z Reviews for a special limited edition of their SA6, It's the new SA6 Ultra. The pair is said to have a new tuning, a new finish with Blue and Red wooden face covers, a new Hulk Mini Cable, and comes stock with Dekoni foam tips. It's going to be a special run with...
  16. DUNU KIMA Latest Single Dynamic Driver IEMs

    DUNU KIMA Latest Single Dynamic Driver IEMs

    DUNU has come up with a brand new single dynamic driver IEM, the DUNU Kima. It’s a compact, pocket-friendly set that houses a 10mm Dual-Chambered dynamic driver with DLC(Diamond-Like Carbon) diaphragm. DUNU has crafted the beautiful cavities of Kima using high-density Zinc Alloy in a rich matte...
  17. gadgetgod

    Anyone Got Any Idea What DUNU is Cooking here with Zeos?

    Anyone got any information about this new collab of DUNU. Personally i like DUNU's products and kind of intrigued what have they designed with Zeos this time. Is it going to be a new IEM? or a retuned version of a previous one?


    https://www.dunu-topsound.com/product-page/vernus DUNU Vernus is a single DD universal IEM and a Falcon Pro limited edition (100 units).
  19. I

    3x DUNU DN2000J channel imbalance

    Hi there! I'm hoping for constructive information, help and feedback on this. Here's the case: I own 2 pairs of the amazing DN-2000J IEM by DUNU. Why 2 pairs? Because of my problems with channel imbalance. My first pair started suffering from channel imbalance after within like 8 months, and...
  20. Sebastien Chiu

    Meet DUNU's Newest Addition to Our Modular Cables, AMBER!

    Coming hot off the success of the DUW-02S, we wanted to introduce DUNU's next cable in our line, AMBER! With a handbraided, 4-core weave composed of mixed strands of 24 AWG, high-purity Neotech OCC copper and pure silver (not silver-plated copper), AMBER maximizes the elegance of your...
  21. Wasaabi

    DUNU Vulkan Review - enjoyable hybrid iems

    As a user of many Dunu products, it's really a pleasure to review the Vulkan. Configuration: 2* dynamic drivers with diameter of 8mm + 4* mid-high Knowles + 1* dual Supertweeter Knowles. And my favorite switchable plugs (Dunu's quick-switch plug system is always my favorite). According to Dunu...
  22. DUNU-Topsound

    DUNU launches the all-new VULKAN, a six-driver hybrid earphone with a coaxial dual dynamic woofer

    For twenty years, DUNU has tackled some of the toughest challenges in the portable audiophile world. Our design and engineering team throws itself into materials research with aplomb but also engages in self-examination of the most critical light before gazing ever forward towards the future...


  24. DUNU-Topsound

    Reserve VERNUS, a springtime version of the DUNU FALCON PRO, limited to 100 units worldwide!

    We at DUNU wish to thank our followers for all your patience over the past month and a half as we work to adjust our release schedule to the new normal in our operating zones. We haven't been able to get things out as well as we intended. Originally, we wanted to release this secret little side...
  25. DUNU-Topsound

    DUNU DUW-03 & Studio SA6 - Production Update, April 2022

    New Specification Q-Lock PLUS (lower left) vs. Previous Specification Q-Lock PLUS (upper right) for the DUW-03 The venerated Q-Lock PLUS modular plug system is a mainstay of DUNU cables, with high user satisfaction and critical acclaim. DUNU is grateful for the continued support of our modular...