Join DUNU on Tours for the Falcon Ultra, KIMA Classic, and Alpha 3!
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Sebastien Chiu

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Apr 24, 2016
Southern California
Hi there,

It's time for a new tour! We are excited to be sending out the Falcon Ultra, Kima Classic, and Alpha 3.

We currently have one set of these three units available for North America and one for the EU. I will be coordinating with @Damz87 on his end for an Australian/New Zealand tour.

This is going to be a pretty quick tour - five business days with the units and ship out on the sixth.

This list as follows - this is a rolling list ongoing, so don't worry about a signup limit. Some users are only on Discord, if so I will coordinate shipping information for you between different parties.

North American List
  1. @listenerwww
  2. @Fuku
  3. @jinxy245
  4. tedthepraimortis
  5. @Pokelij
  6. Jaytiss
  7. @chemosapien
  8. Gromu
  9. @dunring
  10. @DivineCurrent
  11. Stu Paddasso
  12. @ToneDeafMonk x 3
European List

  1. Achos Reviews/SeynorC
  2. @cqtek
  3. @maegnificant

In return, all we ask for is some short impressions and feedback. We appreciate a full review of anything you choose to do so for but it is not necessary. A tour discount will be provided to you if you are interested in purchasing any of the products after.

As far as NA and EU tours go, this will be limited to 20 sign-ups. Damien and I will communicate numbers for the Australian tour on their thread.

Please REPLY to this thread with interest in participating - do NOT PM me or Damien until he posts his side on the Australian thread. We will privately ask for your name, shipping address, email, phone, and any additional instructions if you are selected.

Failure to read instructions correctly will result in disqualification. Participating in this tour, you agree to take shipping on costs on yourselves as well in exchange for participating.

Any questions? Let me know! Happy to answer them. Look forward to your thoughts on the products and thanks for you interest trying them out.
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I'm interested in the north America tour (CA). Especially for the Falcon Ultra.
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Hey, I would be interested to participate in the European Tour :)
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I'd like to participate in the North American tour (Tampa, Florida). Been using the Dunu S&S tips on the IE600 and Simgot EA500, haven't heard the IEM's yet.

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Thank you very much for organising the Tour.
I'm really interested in all three models.
I would be delighted to participate in the European Tour.
I'm from Barcelona (Spain).

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