DUNU Vulkan Review - enjoyable hybrid iems
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Jul 26, 2021
As a user of many Dunu products, it's really a pleasure to review the Vulkan.

2* dynamic drivers with diameter of 8mm + 4* mid-high Knowles + 1* dual Supertweeter Knowles.
And my favorite switchable plugs (Dunu's quick-switch plug system is always my favorite).
According to Dunu, the two dynamics are different: One is titanium-coated, and the other is made with a structural foam cell dome suspended on an independent surround.

Its shape is very similar to the EST112(or maybe it's the same as the EST112), even the holes on the panel, which are in the same shape, are in the same position. I currently don't have an EST112 to compare, but I believe they are the same shape. With the proper weight (Vulkan: 17g, EST112 is even lighter) and excellent ergonomics design, they provide a good wearing comfort. As for the engraving design of the panel, I thought that Vulkan used a panel made of damascus steel when I saw some early leaked pictures which are unclear.

Ever since the first time I got my ears on Dunu's headphone product (it's the Titan 1), I've always had trust in Dunu's tuning. As for the Vulkan, it's tuned to U-shaped.
Source: The Vulkan were driven by the 4.4mm balanced ports of the M11PlusESS and ZX505. Through these two machines, we can know the performance of Vulkan under low output power and sufficient power.

The Vulkan's bass isn't as aggressive and lacking in the low-mids as the Variations, but it's full-bodied and has a nice extension, which I feel most obvious when listening to Billie Eilish's album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?, I can feel that Vulkan's bass performance is extremely fun and enjoyable for pop music. Its bass is just right for me.

Vulkan's sound signature is different from what I often listen to. It tends to be U-shaped, and the sound of 1~2khz will be more than V-shaped. I was a little unaccustomed when I first turned to U-shaped from V-shaped sound, but right away I had an interesting experience with the U-shaped sound: it reminded me of midrange details that I hadn't noticed before. The image below is the equalizer settings when I listen to Vulkan.
Vulkan's review.png

Maybe Dunu was trying to bring some colors, or a personality to the Vulkan's sound, its treble wasn't as smooth as what I like. There is room for improvement in the treble of Vulkan, such as smoothing the high frequency of 7~8khz. But I still can say that the Vulkan's treble detail is excellent. The 3khz peak also makes it sound just right and proper, all instruments and vocals sound as they should.

When driven by the ZX505, in fact, neither the Vulkan's soundstage nor its sound signature was particularly pronounced, but when driven by the M11Plus, the Vulkan performed a very good soundstage, even though it didn't adopt the FH9's semi-open design. For someone like me - pop music lover and is looking for slightly colored iems to decorate music, the Vulkan will be a very attractive product at its price point (380bucks).
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