1. Zopiac

    Somic MH489 -- Sony XB700 ripoffs?

    So my girlfriend's father is a techy, dealhunter sort of guy, so he discovered a little website called eachgame. It seems to be full of off-brand items and accessories, and I just had a skim through their headphones, and I saw a pair with a similar plushiness to Sony XB-700s.  ...
  2. xdog

    Somic mh4XX in-ear headphones reviews

    Chinese company Somic, makes few in-ear headphones in its mh series: 401,403,407,410,417 (with the 'i' versions with microphone) Since there is no source of information about those iems, it makes even hard to choose one for random testing.   I own the mh407 and mh410 currently, so now I'll...
  3. bhazard

    Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

    Many Chinese audio companies produce excellent quality equipment, and most of us in the US and in other places of the world know little about them. I'm hoping this thread becomes one easy place to come to for questions about these brands, as it is difficult to find info. Much of this info is...
  4. Somic Head-band Music Audio Headphone Earphone Headset MH489

    Somic Head-band Music Audio Headphone Earphone Headset MH489

    Quick Overview SPECIFICATION: SKU: SGGA07201 Driver Diameter : 50.00mm Impedance: 41? Frequency Response : 12-2,5000Hz Sensitivity?S.P.L ?: 88±3dB Cord Length: 1700mm Net Weight: 342g