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Mar 4, 2014
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the land of cheese and beer
Full time Healthcare, Part time reviewer

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  • About

    the land of cheese and beer
    Full time Healthcare, Part time reviewer
    Jamming music, and raising my son.
    Being a father and husband, Chicago Cubs Baseball, Golf
    Headphone Inventory:
    NOTE: I like to rank my earphones from favorite to least favorite. These lists are subject to change and are displayed to show what I prefer based on my preference.

    IEMs (From favorite to least favorite)

    KEEPERS (top tier performers)
    *Noble Encore
    *Earsonics S-EM9
    *Noble Katana
    *Campfire Andromeda
    *Fidue Sirius
    *Dunu DK-3001
    *Unique Melody Miracle V2
    *FLC 8S
    *Oriveti Primacy
    *MEE audio Pinnacle P1
    *Trinity Atlas
    *Fidue A83
    *Fidue A73
    *LZ A2
    *Dunu DN2000J
    *VE Duke
    *Soundmagic E80
    *1More Triple Driver

    KEEPERS (mid-tier performers)
    *DUNU Titan 1
    *Oriveti New Primacy
    *LZ A2S
    *Noble 6
    *Macaw GT-100S
    *Puro IEM500
    *Trinity Audio Delta
    *Sony XBA-H3
    *Dunu DN-1000
    *Vsonic GR07BE
    *Torque T096z
    *Zero Audio Duoza
    *Trinity Techne
    *T-PEOS Altone200
    *Havi B3
    *KZ ED9
    *Audeo PFE012
    *TTPOD T1E
    *Ostry KC06
    *Ostry KC06a
    *Trinity Audio Phantom Sabre
    *DQSM Hybrid
    *Dunu Titan5
    *KZ ED10
    *Bette Hybrid
    *Trinity Audio Hyperion
    *Monster Gratitude
    *Xiaomi Pistons 3.0
    *Meelectonics A151P 2nd Generation
    *Steelseries Flux
    *Oriveti Basic
    *Fidue A65
    *Tingker TK200
    *Easy UE triple driver (Easy Earphones)
    *Hisoundaudio HSA-AD1
    *Shozy Zero
    *1More Dual Driver
    *Dunu Titan 3
    *RHA S500i
    *KZ ATE
    *KZ ATE-S
    *KZ HDS1
    *Soundmagic E50
    *Soundsoul S-018
    *Vivo XE800
    *Sound Magic E30
    *Huawei AM180
    *MKLL M-1
    *KZ ED Special Edition
    *Xiaomi Piston 4
    *Sidy DM2
    *Sidy DGS100
    *Zero Audio Carbo Tenore
    *Audio Technica ATH IM-50

    BORROWERS (lower tier performers)
    *Brainwavz S3
    *Sony MH1C
    *Sony MH1
    *Sidy DM4
    *BVGP YSP04
    *T-Peos Amadeus
    *Macaw RT-10
    *Brainwavz Jive
    *Auglamour AG-R1
    *Huawei Honor Engine
    *KZ DT3
    *Huaham E701 Silence Dreamer
    *VJJB V-1
    *Tennmak Store IE800
    *Sidy HK1, 2 pair
    *Brainwavz X200
    *Meelectronics M9 classic
    *Earmax ER80
    *Sony MDR-EX310LP
    *Meelectronics A161p
    *TTPOD T2
    *Astrotec AX-35
    *Sidy DM3
    *Hisoundaudio ES212
    *Vsonic VSD1s
    *T-Peos Baguette
    *Sony MDR-EX58V
    *Soundmagic E10
    *KZ ED3
    *LG Quadbeat 2
    *Phillips SHE3590
    *Meelectronis M-Duo
    *Meelectronics M6
    *Xiaomi Piston 2.0
    *Xiaomi Piston 2.0
    *VJJB K1
    *KZ ES
    *Brainwavs S0
    *T-Peos Altone 150
    *Ubsound Fighter
    *Monoprice 9927
    *Sony MDR-EX300
    *KZ R1
    *Don Scorpio Bass Colour
    *KZ ED3 Micro
    *KZ ZN1 mini
    *KZ ZS-1
    *Sidy MR1
    *Moxpad x3
    *KZ ANV
    *Fidue A33
    *KZ DT5 Pole Tone Edition
    *KZ Platinum Limited Edition
    *KZ CM9
    *Cogoo T02
    *Meelectronics a151p
    *Sony XBA-1
    *KZ HDS-3
    *Awei ES900(gift of head-fi)
    *KZ HDS2
    *KZ micro ring
    *Penon IEM
    *Tennmark Store DIY EC2
    *KZ-RX (gift of head-fi)
    *Sidy hk2

    On the way:

    EARBUDS (favorite to least favorite)
    *VE Monk +
    *VE Zen 2.0
    *VE Zen
    *VE Monk
    *VE Asura 2.0

    BLUETOOTH IEMS (favorite to least favorite)
    *Axgio Sprint
    *Meelectronics Sport-Fi X7
    *Iclever Bluetooth Earphones
    *Brainwavs S0

    On the way:

    FULL SIZE CANS ( favorite to least favorite)
    *ZMF Eikon
    *ZMF Omni (Bocote)
    *ZMF Atticus
    *Sennheiser HD6XX
    *ZMF Vibro MK2
    *Sennheiser HD600
    *AKG K7XX
    *Soundmagic HP150
    *Xiaomi Mi Headphones
    *Philips SHP9500
    *Meizu HD50
    *Soundmagic HP200
    *Torque t402v
    *Superlux HD681 evo
    *Takstar HI2050
    *Audo Technica ATH-M50
    *Takstar Pro80
    *Edifier H850
    *Koss Porta Pro
    *Brainwavz HM2
    *Monoprice MHP-839
    *Sony XB500
    *Ubsound Fighter

    On the way:

    BLUETOOTH & WIRELESS CANS (favorite to least favorite)

    *1More MK802
    *Ausdom M08
    *Sony Pulse Elite Wireless
    *Meelectronics Matrix 2 AF62
    *Ausdom M-06

    On the way:
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Aune S6
    ifi micro iDSD
    Bravo Audio Ocean (Mullard 12AU7 tube)

    Shanling H3
    iBasso Bushmaster
    Cayin C5
    Calyx PaT
    Fiio E17K
    VE Runabout
    XDuoo XQ10
    Fiio E6
    Topping NX1
    Soundmagic A10

    An Onkyo, Sony, Pioneer and Kenwood home receiver/amplifier.
    Source Inventory:
    Fiio X7 (AM3 amp)
    iBasso DX80
    Luxury & Precision LP5
    Android phones
    Clip ZIP
    Hisoundaudio Nova 1
    Sony MW1
    Cable Inventory:
    Many custom cables purchased on Ebay and Aliexpress
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Lots of home audio speakers from Infinity, Sony, and Polk Audio, Bose
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    I like clean and deep bass, forward mids, and sparkly treble void of sibilance.
    Music Preferences:
    Depends on what I find. Electronic, hair metal, Symphony, hip hop, alternative, classic rock, pop
    I like watches, sunglasses, and hats also.
    I have been into audio since I was 15 and bought my first AIWA bookshelf stereo. Upgrades ever since


    I like headphones... Ya, headphones are cool...
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