"The Lab"
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Mar 4, 2014
the land of cheese and beer
Most everybody who partakes in Head-Fi has a surplus of audio gear (sorry about your wallets). They either have rooms, offices, shelves, or some type of space at home where they store and use their latest gadgets. This thread will be called "The Lab", as it is dedicated to displaying your personal audio quarters. 
Here at "The Lab" we are to share our listening sanctuaries, post impressions and pictures of recently purchased gears, share links to our reviews, and share upgrades to their listening experience in general. This includes chairs, cables, surge protectors, storage cases, listening quarters and scenic pictures, as well as any other dope Schiit we care to share with the group. We are here as music enthusiasts to share in our joy of quality audio and good times.
Plus, this will be another spot to discuss gear (of course)
I'll be the first to share...
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