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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

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  1. boblauer
    And even some of us wh might have an extended budget choose not to because of our perceived value and how close some of the budget items fall in line with that. 
    BTW I just bought the KZ ZTS so take that 123. 
  2. Cinder
    True, a lower resistance might help, but that would occur in only a couple cases, no? The IEM would have to have already been barely in the "cannot drive" zone for a 0.5-0.7ohm resistance change to suddenly allow it be driven correctly.
  3. ozkan

    Do you really want me to leave? Are you serious mate?
  4. Cinder
    Fight, fight, fight!
  5. B9Scrambler

  6. Podster
    Of course not Oz but I sure could not pass up that opportunity[​IMG][​IMG]
    ozkan likes this.
  7. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Guys, this thread is going to get shut down. Let's start talking gear, not people.
    anticute likes this.
  8. Cinder
    Hidizs released the AP60 DAP recently, no? Anyone gonna bite?
  9. Gestalt
    @Hisoundfi it's not just talking about people, but instigators like Cinder with comments saying "I don't believe you" and dismissing a comment about gear, like they are the formative authority on all things sound. He also had one of the only dissenting opinions on the 4in1, but continues to comment like now the hype train is dead because he and two others didn't like the 4in1. It's passive aggressive behavior and in some levels disrespectful. It's not just him. It's others too. Passive aggression disguised as opinion and comment. We need to chill. Have a bit more positive outlooks, and quit dismissing the contributions of others.
  10. Gestalt
    I think I need to upgrade the amp?
  11. Brooko Contributor
    [Mod Comment]
    You'll notice that the thread has been locked.  Most of you will know why. In the last couple of days it has degenerated into a lot of off-topic bickering, with virtually no mutual respect to each other. This has to stop.
    I've given 123audio a little breather from the thread, but I want to point out that this is not a punishment, just a chance to reflect and rethink what is going on.  If I was punishing the protagonists, then 1/2 a dozen or so posters would be taking an enforced break. He'll be allowed access again at a later date. When this happens - he starts with a new slate.  I expect you to be civil.
    Now please take time to read the posting guidelines - http://www.head-fi.org/a/posting-guidelines
    And from this point on:
    • Remember that everyone has a right to an opinion.  Just because it may differ with yours does not mean you can discount it, and that you are automatically right. Stepping into others shoes is recommended from time to time.
    • Respect is a two way street.  Don't expect to be given it if you don't give it yourself
    • If you find debate becoming heated - it is time to step away from the keyboard.  Take stock of what is going on.  it could be YOU who is the protagonist
    • Reviews are opinions. Unless we are talking about indisputable facts (eg comparative sensitivity between two IEMs), then it is an opinion - and that is subjective. Choose which reviewers you want to follow - but lets not be putting others down.
    • The rules are clear.  Learn them.  Just because someone is being disruptive does not give you the right to put the "sheriff's badge" on and start administering vigilante justice.  If you see something wrong - report it - AND DO NOT POST/REPLY if it will make matters worse.
    • Stick to the thread subject
    The thread is going stay closed for the rest of the day to give everyone a chance to reflect on their own individual actions.  I'll open it again at some stage tomorrow.
    Finally - my advice for any post you see as annoying.  Try reading it again with a smile both on your face and in your voice. 9/10 times this will change your perspective.  I find it helps.
  12. Brooko Contributor
    Had another discussion with the Mods - this thread has outlived its purpose, so you have a brand new clean and tidy one right here
    Enjoy & please keep it civil
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