1. Vikram

    Xiaomi Pistons version help

    Hi all,   I've read good reviews about the Pistons and am planning to buy them here in India,   I see eBay is selling the following versions. Can someone help me with how these are different to each other as i see a considerable price difference between the same ?   link#1:  ...
  2. Dragonsan

    Xiaomi Pistons vs S-108 vs NarMoo S1

    For kicks, I'm trying to find the best budget earphones out there.   I've heard praise for all of these earbuds.   For people that have tried all of them: which one do you recommend and why?
  3. olivierhacking

    Intra ($20 -> $50 -> $200) Level Audio Quality

    Hi everyone,   I have owned 20$ Creative EP-630 IEM for a while, and I now upgraded to 50$ Fischer Audio Consonance IEM. I am a bit disappointed in terms of how much of a jump there was in audio quality (however I did notice more sub bass of course and ever so slightly clearer trebles. This is...
  4. Bradrj1029

    Best IEMs for $75?

    I have $75 to spend on headphones. I want some IEMs that has great bass as I listen to a lot of Dubstep, RAP, Hip hop, but I also listen to the , progressive metal, and country. What would you guys recommend? Thanks!
  5. mrrDUDE1

    Under $20 IEM or earbud

    I listen to mostly jazz also love red hot chili peppers metallica Some rap and some dancehall Anybody who can relate to any of these genres? Would the jvc ha fx-101 or fx-40 be good at all?
  6. Udit

    Earbuds for Mi Piston 2

    Could anyone suggest some good comfortable Earbuds for Mi Piston 2?   Thanks in Advance.
  7. maisie

    Where can I buy a 100% genuine pair of Xiaomi Pistons 2.0's?

    Literally everywhere i've looked they're either fake or "genuine" but don't look legit so i'm a little skeptical about purchasing them.    Cheers
  8. FinancialWar

    fake Miaomi 2 piston?

    I bought two of these xiaomi pistons. The qualities is atrocious. Did I get the fake one?    http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/271433732824?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649        
  9. kevms89

    high end iems not as "high end" as I thought?

    So something just happened now that makes me question all this spending on HQ iems, so I was going through some old stuff in my drawer and came across these from my old sony ericsson phone.  ...
  10. walkmanforever

    Sound comparison: Xiaomi Pistons 2.1 and Sony MH1C

        So, I got my Pistons 2.1 delivered yesterday and thought of comparing it with another budget king, the "MH1C". Here are the initial impressions and a short comparison.   The packaging:   The packaging of the Pistons is extremely good considering its worth. I got it for INR 1500 which...
  11. thatBeatsguy

    The Xiaomi Pistons Thread 2.0

    Intro      Well, since enough people have motioned for a better OP for the n00bz, I thought I'd call the shots and write one myself.             For those who didn't already know, the Xiaomi Pistons 2.0 are a pair of budget IEMs that have very quickly made their stand in Head-Fi as one of...
  12. Genjisleeps

    In-Ear Monitor Christmas Suggestion

    I'm trying to find a In-Ear Monitor for my little brother for Christmas because hes been looking for one since my mother trashed his last one in the dryer. I was looking all through the website and found three. The first one I saw was the Sennheiser Momentums In-Ear because of the press release...
  13. norilink

    what best in-ear phone for mobile ?

    hi guys  i am so sorry to post this question !! i wanna buy in-ear phone i don't have cue to choose the right one to work with my LG G2 mobile my budget 50$, the most music i have listen is  electronic and deep house music in FLAC and mp3 format  just the best in that price range, sorry i...
  14. Winno

    Upgrading from Xiaomi Pistons to hybrids - what's out there?

    I've had my Pistons for a while now and I like them very much.   In the quest for better sound though, I'm wondering what the next step up would be if I wanted a hybrid IEM. I'd like something that preserves the balance of the Pistons but is...'better'. I'm wanting a hybrid because I want...
  15. FHSWarrior

    anyone know where i can get legit Xiaomi Piston 2.0?

    I've heard of too many fakes and would like to know where to get real ones (if you bought some) :)
  16. Zelda

    REVIEW: Xiaomi Piston 2 - Re-defining "Budget-Fi"?

    REVIEW: Xiaomi Piston 2 - Re-defining "Budget-Fi"?       Specs: Weight: 12g Impedance: 12Ω-16Ω (depending on the version, 2.0 vs 2.1) Cable length: 1.2m Sensitivity: 93db Plug Type: 3.5mm  gold-plate Rated Power: 5-20mW Frequency Range: 20-20000Hz   I've got my pair...
  17. Kudu

    Xiaomi Pistons Review: A different class of earphones

    Xiaomi Pistons review The headphone world is a strange place. There are devices for every kind of consumer: the casual listener, the fashionista, the tinkerer, the audiophile... Every device has its strengths, its flaws, and only a certain kind of buyer will want to make the specific tradeoffs...
  18. ajb667

    Need inear headphones since ATH m50 broke. Recommendations?

    My ATH m50 headphones need to be sent away for repair since the hinges broke, and I'm stuck with crappy skullcandies and apple headphones, which really hurt my ears. What in ear headphones would you recommend that's close to that quality? I would like them to stay in well so I can use them while...
  19. bhazard

    Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

    Many Chinese audio companies produce excellent quality equipment, and most of us in the US and in other places of the world know little about them. I'm hoping this thread becomes one easy place to come to for questions about these brands, as it is difficult to find info. Much of this info is...
  20. Xiaomi Pistons 2.0 MK301

    Xiaomi Pistons 2.0 MK301

    The latest earphone to be released by Xiaomi, the MK301 is a 'total upgrade' to its predecessor, the H01. Armed with best-in-class beryllium diaphragms, the Pistons were designed to provide pure listening enjoyment, only with a price of 99 CNY.