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Intra ($20 -> $50 -> $200) Level Audio Quality

  1. olivierhacking
    Hi everyone,
    I have owned 20$ Creative EP-630 IEM for a while, and I now upgraded to 50$ Fischer Audio Consonance IEM. I am a bit disappointed in terms of how much of a jump there was in audio quality (however I did notice more sub bass of course and ever so slightly clearer trebles. This is with 320kbps MP3, and a Dell XPS 14 laptop (no USB DAC). 
    Now I am wondering, if stepping up to the DUNU DN1000 IEM will 'let me down' again in terms of the audio quality jump from the Consonance? Because in a multi IEM review, the difference between the EP630 and the Consonance is far larger than the difference between the Consonance and the DN 1000.
    Thank you for your tips/ advice/ recommendation. 
    (By the way, if you were wondering, I do have good hearing).
  2. cls
    Here is some challenge...
    31 USD Xiami Pistons
    65 USDHavi B3 Pro Mark I dual dynamic driver
    66 USD Astrotec AX35 1 ba + 1 dynamic
    188 USD Dunu Dn-1000 dual balanced armature and dynamic driver
    120 USD to 200 USD Logitech Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10 triple b.a. (used)

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