Xiaomi Pistons 2.0 MK301

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The latest earphone to be released by Xiaomi, the MK301 is a 'total upgrade' to its predecessor, the H01. Armed with best-in-class beryllium diaphragms, the Pistons were designed to provide pure listening enjoyment, only with a price of 99 CNY.

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Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Beautifully articulated, fun and lively sound, punchy bass that doesn't kill the mids, good sturdy construction, EXCELLENT quality price ratio
Cons: Sound could be even more clearer, cord can be problematic with velcro clothes, sound better with non included ear tips
Well, I read alot of enthusiast reviews about Pistons 2.0 before going for a purchase, and to be honnest, I was of the sceptikal kind.
I was wrong.
This earphphones are something specials and this time everybody is going crazy about them for a good reason.
First time I plug them in my Ibasso Dx90 player I was blown away by their energic rendering and elegant bassy sound, I was listening to the electronic artist Ametsub and this very detailed IDM music sound fabulous. In fact, the Pistons are very well suited for electronic and beat driven music, the punchy bass is well rounded and high and treble make details sparkle. Mids frequencies are less recessed than lot of other V shaped earphones, it is surely due to the distortion free rendering of all frequencies range (sub bass included).
I have listen to jazz, classical, electro, folk and rock with this earphones and nothing sound bad, for some type of music I will prefer the vocal-mids to be more foward but I think the same thing about some earphones that cost more than 100$ while this miraculous Pistons only cost me 15 boxes!
The construction is solid, earphones are made of brushed metal and chord made of a type of kevlar. Must note that because of my coat that have velcro pocket the chord got worn badly as it stick on it, it's just esthetical tough.
After more than One year of use, this trusty Pistons 2.0 still are my in-ear of choice.
I have now made a simple mod to them and use the Shure foam tips wich make the sound shine even more.
In all honnesty, this earphones are a must for any music lover or earphones enthusiast, they are one of the best purchase I made in a budget audiophile perspective.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Beautifully sound
Cons: None
This is the best sub 50$ earphones you could possibly find.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Durable
I had countless of sony ear buds since its incarnation, as they don't last for more than 1.5 yrs. i will have to replace them yearly. I owned Mi 3 and thats how i got to know more about xiaomi brand. For the cheap launch price of less than 20 sgd with voucher, i say why not


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