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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

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  1. Inszy
    To believe your ears, you first need to directly compare original with fakes. Otherwise, it's just wishful thinking.
  2. RedJohn456

    Well I hope they are still planning to come out with it, the Ostry is STILL one of the better buys for the price. Would love to see them top it
    And I wonder how do people find new stuff on AE? If I go on AE and type in headphones millions of stuff come up. How do people keep finding cool and new stuff? Am I doing it wrong? 
  3. B9Scrambler

    Not if you are happy with what you hear. That's what matters in the end. And since distinguishing between real and supposed fakes is so important, we stick ALI in the name so no one gets confused. Alas!!!! The ALI-CKR9LTD was born. It sounds REALLY good btw. You should get one :)
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  4. sodesuka
    lol are we arguing semantic now? Who cares what people call it as long as it gets the point across.

    I just make specific stores (ones that have cool stuffs) my favorite and wait for new arrival notifications. :p
  5. B9Scrambler

    Thank you! The fact that dude is still on it is ridiculous, hence my making a Colin Mockery of the subject.

    That's a good way of watching for new gear. Much better than searching for 'earphones' and slogging through a couple hundred pages, lol.
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  6. RedJohn456

    Can you suggest any stores? Sharing is caring bro 
  7. sodesuka
    Well I only have this


    and tennmak

    for headphones. Maybe someone else can chime in, but the top one is pretty fast at getting new phones. I also occasionally search taobao using keyword diy式耳塞 you can left out the 'diy' or use something like ie800 or k3003 (without space) to narrow the result as lots of sellers LOVE to reference those phones on the listing.
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  8. Chramko
    So, ehm, I was around in those "good old days", got myself a Havi and a TTPOD T1 and then run away from head-fi as far as possible. Now I slowly find myself in need of a new headphone, so I am back.
    Could anyone be so kind and tell me what is all the rage nowadays? Just point me in the right direction. The information is kinda hard to gleam from the various headphone specific threads.  
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  9. Inszy
    I don't like their comfort. I definitely prefer my CIEM or Audeo.
    And your happiness doesn't make earphones genuine/OEM [​IMG] Fakes are fakes. Not so long ago I saw on Aliexpres CKR9LTD for less than $20 - so it was ALI-CKR9LTD? Also they recommend? It should be always given specific link, otherwise you can fool people.
  10. HiFiChris Contributor

    You should definitely take a look at the KZ-Thread. Bang for the buck IEMs that are around $10 on Aliexpress.
    ATE, ED9, EDSE and the slightly more expensive ZN1 are awesome for their little price. ED10 should be awesome, to, but I haven't received it yet, wherefore I can only comment on the other ones.

    There's no hype around them, but you could also check out Paiaudio/3.14 Audio. Their flagship model is a 2-way-triple-BA IEM with replaceable cables (MMCX connectors!) for imho comparatively inexpensive $136 and imo outperforms the Shure SE425. I've written a review about them, their sound signature is a brightish neutral.
  11. Inszy
    So far 3.14 have a poor reviews.They so improved?
  12. Trapok
    Do you own the Havi or TTPOD? When amped I don't think that KZs play at the same category.
  13. HiFiChris Contributor

    Where are other reviews about their products? I couldn't find any other than mine.
    I own their cheapest model (the"Flat" earbuds) and their flagship model (MR3). While the first is only just okay for the price, I find the latter to be excellent for the price. Though, seal and fit may be somewhat problematic for some people, as the nozzle's angle is a little untypical and the bodies are quite big.
  14. HiFiChris Contributor

    I own both the Havi B3 Pro I and the TTPod T1 (non-E).
    I never said the KZ IEMs were in the same category and agree that the B3 and T1 are superior, but nobody can deny that the models from KZ sound pretty darn good for their price and have got relatively good build quality.

    Edit: false autocorrect words corrected
  15. Trapok
    Don't worry, I agree with you KZ worth their price.
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