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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

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  1. MuZo2
  2. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] Brighter overall. Detailed beyond belief, (due some to the Brighter sig. I'm sure), Way more balanced. Bass is much faster and more controlled. The soundstage is weird to describe. It is Enormous but focused. It is not overly wide but it is as 3 dimensional as I've ever heard. You hear things in recordings you never knew were there and they come at you from all directions. ADD TO THIS the best channel separation I've heard yet to date and you get kind of an Idea. At first listen you might think it was "congested" until you hear it bloom. It can take you to the bow scraping the violin's strings, the floutist moving their feet, and then transport you to the 7th row in an Ampitheater in front of the whole Symphony Orchestra production. The descriptive term that keeps coming to my mind is: "Surgically Precise". These are pretty much the Earphone Version of AKG K701 only with more bass extension.
    The Four Seasons (my fave) by Vivaldi is STUNNING.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  3. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] No I have not. But they are on my short list to buy. I have heard they are very good and have an insanely wide sound stage presentation. Best Price on those I have seen is about $79 USD. If they are 1/2 as good as the Real ones (AKG) they would be well worth it.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  4. vman
    What tips are you using with the Macaws?
  5. Hisoundfi Contributor
    I bounce between stock tips, sony silicones, and sony mh1c tips. I definitely need something with a slightly deeper insertion to counteract the weight of the GT100s
  6. Selenium
    I use longer-ish tips with my Macaws also but I don't have a problem with the fit. They sit pretty flush for me with the right tips.
    Regarding the GT100s vs. the KC06. I prefer the GT100s but you have to keep in mind it isolates better, and has a sound-sig that isn't suited well for all genres IMO. The Ostry is more well-rounded, but can't hit the heights the Macaw can reach with the right tracks. At times, the Macaw sounds incredible.
    Trapok likes this.
  7. Trapok
    10 days :breaking the record. From China to France
  8. Inszy
    From China to Poland (via France and Germany) - 5 days from ordering :)
    VSonic foams:
  9. Trapok
    Lucky you :)
  10. pwoznic
    Hmm those DIY Go Pro K3003 are tempting...anyone own them?
  11. Euphonik
    Yes- they're excellent.
  12. pwoznic

    The seller also has DIY IE800 so I may buy both. Do you think they're better than Klipsch x10s?
  13. eaglearrow

    i've been eyeing them for long now. Dint buy them since i couldn't find many reviews. Can you compare them to your Ali LTD and Titan1 ?
  14. audioxxx

    Yeah I agree, and can't wait to try them, the strange thing with the pricing on them, because it's is the original cable is more expensive in price, and the upgraded silver cables are cheaper. Edit: seller changed the differences.
    Any other company want more $ for upgraded cables, I guess it's a good example of supply and demand.

    Does anybody know if these can be opened easily for a cable change over?

    (Or are they glued shut permanently)

  15. CADCAM
    Anyone heard or have any info on these? They look cool but it'd be nice if someone actually had heard them.
    thanks for any and all info
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