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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

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  1. yangian
    I believe KZ's QC is much better than those DIYs. It's really possible your Bette is special. On the other hand, Maybe you need to compare it to more high end products to make a final conclusion. 
  2. stilleh

    I got an incredible deal on a pair of Oppo Pm3. Not the largest but they were so soft and isolated excellent. And the sound, oh the sound, was just what I wanted! So :blush:
  3. Charliemotta
     I just wish the name change didn't happen on the Bettes.  I just got burned on the Piston 3's that sound like crap. (my pair)
  4. yangian
    I have a question. Will the transfer speed of a micro card affect the sound quality of a lossless music player? Thanks.
  5. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] True yangi, but that would be counterproductive to my purpose which is:  finding a budget IEM that is as good as, or slays the Higher end stuff. I really don't think the wait will be that long. These Chinese production earphones continue to get better all the time. The Germans and Japanese should be concerned....
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  6. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] Me too. It's one of the reasons I haven't bought a backup pair. Sounds like it's a good thing I held off on those Piston 3's too... Charlie have you tried the Zircons yet? I can't remember.
    Senior moment.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  7. Charliemotta
    Incoming along with the Mulas.  As far s the Piston 3's go, l have heard all positive comments about them.  I just got a fake.
  8. mochill
    I think it does:blush:
  9. Inszy
    No, it doesn't. Slowest cards (class 2) have transfer 16Mb/s. Flac 16/44 have about 0,7-1,2 Mb/s.
    But listening comfort can be lower - extended gaps between songs.
  10. yangian
    Really, ok. Another question, though out of context. So does the transfer speed affect a photo's quality?
  11. ajaxender
    Its the same question, really. The speed of the card has nothing to do with the quality of what you write to it, or read from it (size has more impact, since you can't put as much high quality stuff on it).
    But it does affect how much data you can read or write quickly, so slow cards can give you usability issues. In the same way large FLAC files might take longer to load into the player (usually noticed when you skip tracks), a high resolution uncompressed image may take a long time to write to the card, restricting you from taking lots of photos quickly. 
  12. yangian
    Ok. I see. Thanks!
  13. ozkan
    I got my CKR9-LTD today. Sounds good so far. Will burn them for some time and write my impressions on them.
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  14. CoiL
    Promised my impressions on Yinjw "IE800"...
    They are decent sounding... but... imho, too elevated bass/midbass that is also littlebit "woolly and boomy". Highs are smooth (could have more details) and mids are also good (also could have more details). Soundstage is over average. Imaging is good but could be better. Isolation is pretty good (noticeably better than KZ ED10).
    Overall good sound quality but nothing special. Decent build quality. Got them for ~18$ and for that price they are good.
    Reminds me somewhat Piston2 sound signature but more refined almost in every aspect (Piston2 highs are more detailed/sparkly). Main issue with these is driver flex while inserting them! Seems like they have ports only behind driver and not in front, so, air can`t escape when great sealing tips are being used.
    Personally I prefer KZ ED10, ED9 and especially ATE-b over these.
    Haven`t received wood/open-back version Yinjw`s yet, hope they are better.
    Comparison was made with hardware & firmware modded DX50 (check profile for more info), no EQ, HO @ mid gain.
    Anyway, back to KZ ATE-b FF-mod [​IMG]
    That`s why I`m extra careful following any hype in these threads. Personal subjective opinions + source gear + taste, etc. - all should be considered. This time I feel like I failed with that choice but well, at least I have decent sounding IEM with great cable and isolation for working with machines.
    Probably my next step will be Senfer`s "K3003", DT2 or those fake ali CKR9LTD`s.
  15. yangian
    The sound quality is definitely than KZ series. More than one people noted that. It's more detailed than ATE for sure. Otherwise, it's your personal preference.
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