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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

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  1. ozkan
    +1. M1 Note is so good that I cannot imagine how M5 pro will be. [​IMG] 
  2. 1clearhead

    Thanks for the heads-up.....I changed the name on the profile. [​IMG] 
    The story goes that 2 years ago when I first bought the DIY K3003 the Senfer company would refer to them as AKG K3003 by Feel Audio, but without the "i" in the end. They were selling the K3003's with the AKG logo on them. My K3003 DIY IEM has the AKG logo on them as well. Others that buy them today won't get this logo with theirs. And just a little over a year ago they started calling them: Senfer K3003. So, I went ahead and realized the changes they made and decided to remove the AKG name from the title on my profile as it is more appropriate and better for others to understand.
  3. Hisoundfi Contributor
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  4. leobigfield
    Better than the Hibymusic? My Galaxy Note 2 just seems another device in therms of audio quality after i tried the hiby. Very very nice sounding app! A world better than the stock player and better in every way coming from the Onkyo HF Player.
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  5. Inszy
    And that's the problem - you don't know this, you just believe. And this is quite different concepts.
    Fakes from Aliexpress may sound good, of course. But that doesn't mean that they are OEM or something like that.
  6. yangian
    How about this compared to Neutron? To me, yes, Neutron is even better than a budgeted DAC.
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  7. B9Scrambler

    Don't you know that if you believe hard enough you can do anything? That includes creating something from nothing. Truth in action right here. Don't they teach that in schools anymore? Today's youth *sigh*
  8. Whitigir

    College teach that if you believe hard enough, you will become delusional, because such thing without logic senses just can not happen.....:D "Delusional"
  9. RedJohn456
    Anyway.... Just wanted to point out that the Sidy DM4 is out on Penon Audio. In the good old days, when VSD3, KC06/A, Havi, TTPOD T1 etc were kings, Sidy put out an awesome little gem called DGS 100, which was a hybrid IIRC. Received a lot of praise and is still enjoyed by many to this day.
    Sidy, Ostry and Havi are the only ones out of the golden group who haven't put out new products yet, so I am pretty excited to see how this pans out. Hopefully this will be a fantastic product! 
    Now waiting for Ostry and Havi to get off their collective behinds to release some new products!
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  10. B9Scrambler

    Lmao! Sarcasm rocks :D
  11. goody
    You certainly don't know yourself ...like i said i trust my ears why don't you trust yours to...No let me say i believe in my ears [​IMG] 
  12. pwoznic
    Hmm.. the VSonic GR07 Bass Edition are tempting...
  13. mochill
    Gr07be is oldskool:sunglasses: get the VE duke :laughing:
  14. soundaware
    The firmware is upgrating[​IMG]
  15. slowpickr
    There was talk of Ostry coming out with a KC07 and one other model some time ago.  Don't know if they are ever going to actually do it though.
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