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Sep 22, 2014
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    Headphone Inventory:
    Full size: HD600 with Stefan Equinox cable; HD 58X Jubilee with 2.5mm balanced cable; AKG K240DF (240DF is much better than 240M. The most natural sound I ever heard, even more natural than HD600)

    On ear: KEF M500

    IEMs: IE800; fake IE800; IE80; CX 980i; Brainwavz B400; B100; KEF M200; Uiisii Hi905; KZ ZS10; Monk plus

    Not for listening to music: Benjie earbud; 8320; Rock Zircon; LZ A1

    Sold DT990/600, HE400i, AKG K240M, HD598, HD598SE, SHP9500, Havi B3pro1, Ostry KC06A, Trinity Sabre, Creative Aurvena and LZ v2. Some budgeted like Yinjw IE800, ue600, 4in1, ADV. M4, JVC HA-EB75 and some KZs were either broken or given away
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Desktop: Valhalla 2; HT2 OTL; Bravo Ocean; Big mouth A6

    Portable: Laidys; Fiio E12; NX1
    Source Inventory:
    Meridian Director; Meridian Explorer; Zdac V2

    Pono; Pioneer XDP-30R; Xduoo X3; Benjie S5; N9000; Walnut V2S
    Power-Related Components:
    iFi iUSB with separated signal/power cable; iSilencer3.0; Jitterbugs
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