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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

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  1. HiFiChris Contributor

    2x BA on the left + 2x BA on the right = 4 in total, plus one dynamic driver per side.
  2. pietro77

    Ach, that's right.
  3. ozkan
    Has anyone here tried Meizu M1 note? It has cleaner more detailed and articulate sound when paired with Topping Nx1 and Re0. Absolutely loving what I hear more than what Ap100 offers. You may think Ap100 is detailed until you hear M1 Note + Topping Nx1 + Re0 combo. :)
  4. sodesuka
    Try using this app if you play with pure android without external dac https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.armamp&hl=en
    Pretty barebone, but it somehow sounds cleaner than other players I've tried.
  5. voxxonline
    I have meizu m2, same IC's, minor facelift. I do not like sound though, clearly xiaomi mi4 is better. possibly meizu mx4 pro is a better alternative.
  6. ozkan

    Yes M2 is nowhere near M1. You can check with gsmarena to see the audio output of these two phones. What I hear is a flawless and brilliant sound out of my M1 Note.

    Meizu M2 Note


    Meizu M1 Note

  7. 1clearhead
    We'll celebrate in spirit, unless you're in China we'll celebrate with cheers!  [​IMG]

    Technically yes! You can say each BA has 2 separate chambers that provide the midrange and the treble in one unit, and your separate dynamics on each side.
  8. voxxonline
    Oh well, there is a reason to change a phone then
  9. peter123
    Ok, the last couple of posts has got me interested in the Meizu phones.

    After doing some research it seem as none of their offerings are good enough for me since I need SD card slot. I'm really disappointed that the M4Pro doesn't support this.

    Does anyone have other suggestions for phones likely to be on par or better than the Xperia Z3c in audio quality (I'm especially fed up with the low power output on yhe Z3c) and work with 4G/LTE in USA and Europe?
  10. sodesuka
    ^ I had that gripe too but you're in luck since their latest greatest phone actually has an SD slot that even support 128GB card, coupled with having the ESS9018K2M and OPA1612, it's one of the best specced phone to date yet. It's even reasonably priced. :wink:
  11. peter123

    Thanks, excellent and exactly what I'm looking for!

    Seems as if it's not even released yet so I need to be patient but it sure seems worth waiting for.
    Charliemotta likes this.
  12. voxxonline
    Meizu is worth buying.
  13. audioxxx

    I am in Australia, but next time I'm in China let's grab a beer :beer:.

    Considering the price for the BA are around $60 to buy sperate, their overall cost is reasonable.
    Maybe the current marketing needs a new touch. And new naming/labeling, just saying.
    But I'll come back and report my findings after burn in.
  14. ozkan
    Meizu offers usb otg feature so you can expand the memory. It adds some bulkiness to your phone but it can be worth if you are worried about the internal memory. 
  15. peter123

    Thanks for the information but sd card slot in 2015 is not negotiable to me :wink:

    The Pro5 seen to be a very solid offering though.

    To bad the Norwegian currency is so weak but hopefully prices will fall some when availability gets better.
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