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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

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  1. goody
    These Chinese IEM'S are certainly good value for money i bought a KZED9 and compared it to my sony EX 650 earbuds and my KZED9 sound so much better great soundstage.....
    I have since ordered the Rock zircon and the ALI-CKR9LTD plus another obscure set of IEM'S called HT-90 Nature power..oh i just remembered i also got the FXT90 ALI version ....
  2. audioxxx
    The good thing is you can buy these type iem's without taking a second mortgage, and if you don't like them it's not such a loss to move them along. The problem is you keep going back looking for more... And sure enough there will be some more to buy, just one more pair... :smiling_imp:
  3. mochill
    Get the meizu pro 5:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ,has micro-SD slot
  4. Inszy
    Guys, why do you write "ALI version"? Calls it by its name: fakes.
    On Aliexpress we can find a lot of this crap, so "ALI version" says nothing.
    HiFiChris likes this.
  5. 1clearhead

    Good to hear!.....keep us informed!
  6. RedJohn456

    funny you should mention that, certain members were referring to their DIY or fake k3003 as (siefer or whichever chinese brand it was) AKG k3003 LOL
    eaglearrow likes this.
  7. goody
    NO not all stuff from aliexpress fakes i genuinely believe there are some very good sounding unknown brands on aliexpress ....we are so brand conscious we cant see past our noses..... i for one have discovered some very good unknown brands, and a lot of these companies are OEM for most of the well known brand names anyway so i don't care..I trust my ears [​IMG]
    B9Scrambler likes this.
  8. peter123

    Yes I will......when it's released.
  9. HiFiChris Contributor


    Even if they would sound exactly the same as the K3003, they couldn't be called AKG K3003.
    eaglearrow likes this.
  10. RedJohn456
    *Cough*  *Cough*  And also this certain member lists it as AKG K3003 on their profile, just saying....

  11. Charliemotta
    Me too!  I want it now..
  12. mochill
    I want it as well, this is the first with msd slot:laughing:
  13. peter123
  14. pwoznic
    I just found this thread, and I'm intrigued by the amount of options out there. I currently use Klipsch X10s with my ipod classic and a FiiO E11, but I am looking to upgrade my headphone amp to something like a Q1, iFi nano ican, etc, but I am also curious about other IEMs out there.
    I love the x10s because of the bass (which I achieve well with the E11) and I listen to a lot of metal... and tbh not a lot of flac.. my ipod is loaded with 192 mostly.
    Anyway, I absolutely love the isolation of the X10s. In fact, it's an absolute requirement because if I'm listening at work, I do not want ANY sound to escape. I do not want anyone around me to hear anything coming out of my earbuds. With that being said, any IEM recommendations that would give me any improvements over the X10s? The cable is pretty flimsy on the X10s so I worry about durability with them and it's been a couple years.
  15. mochill
    Get the VE runabout (RA):blush:
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