1. hduong

    Like new Shure SRH940 headphone

    I have a 1 month old Shure SRH940  headphone for trade.   Used for about 40 hours.  It's in 9.5/10 condition and comes with all accessories and original box.  Purchased from a authorized dealer Canada.  It sounds really good for the price.  I like them better then my Dennon AH-A100 headphones...
  2. clc77

    Like new Shure SRH940

    Looking to trade my Shure SRH940's. They are in like new condition and sound great. The extra pads,cable,case,box,manual,ect are included. I really like these but have not been using headphones much lately and I don't really need closed phones. I'd be interested in trades for DAP's , DAC's...
  3. 200poundsofamp

    Shure SRH940 (sold)

    For sale is my Shure 940 with existing warranty, the original box and all accessories. It never left the house, so It's in pristine shape and the ear pads are clean. These are the best sounding headphones I've heard, they're just too analytical for me and unforgiving of my music. If you like...
  4. raif

    Shure SRH-940

    Hello Everyone,   I was looking to sell a pair of SRH-940s.  I bought them used here [] a little while back to try them out but I think I am just going to stick with my Denon D5000s.  The headphones and case are in great condition and...
  5. Uchiya

    Shure SRH940 Almost NEW!

    Bought from B&H online about 3 weeks ago.  Wanted to use them for travelling and portable but simply couldn't get used to them as I have the LCD-2's on for long duration.  No scratches or blemishes.  $250 shipped + paypal fees.  Please have feedback and verified paypal.  Thank you.
  6. Germancub

    Shure SRH940, pristine condition with existing warranty and free shipping!

    Up for sale is my two month old pair of Shure SRH940s. They are in perfect condition and come with the original carrying case, adaptor, straight and coiled cords, extra set of velour earpads and the original receipt for warranty purposes should any problems arise in the future. I offer free...
  7. machineo

    Shure SRH940

      Hello, I'm selling my pair of Shure SRH 940 cans.  Bought it in May, and have put them to no more than 20 hours of use.  I just can't get comfortable for long sessions with them.  Comes with original box, case and accessories, which include a coiled cord, straight cord, and 1/4" adapter...
  8. zibra

    Shure SRH940

    Hello I would trade it for Beyerdynamic DT880/990 600ohm or sell it for best offer. I sell only cans, no accessories etc. BUT I give extra leather pads from Shure 840. Greta condition, no issues at all. Ill send all pictures you want if youre interested:) Cheers Jakub
  9. floydfan33

    SOLD: Shure SRH940 As new in the box all accessories

    As New Shure SRH940. Complete in the original box.   I would estimate these have had 40-50 hours of head time.   These are an outstanding headphone, but am making way for some LA7000's   $225 USD (plus shipping and fees)
  10. Sopp

    SHURE SRH940

      Brand new (sealed) Shure SRH940 for sale   They are brand new and factory-sealed (never un-boxed).   Price is $old shipped via USPS priority mail with tracking number. Paypal as a gift. Otherwise, please added 3% for Paypal fee.    
  11. Baiton

    Fiio E5 to drive Shure SRH 940s

    Thoughts? Good combo?
  12. MalVeauX

    Shure SRH940 *Mint*

    Hey folks,   I have another SRH940 up for grabs. It's mint, opened the box, it's in perfect condition, not a scratch on it. Comes with everything original, all accessories (which is both a straight & coiled cord, 1/4" adapter, extra set of velour pads and the carry case). Comes in the...
  13. niranhopper

    Shure SRH940

    Hi For sale is Shure SRH940. It is it mint condition and i have used them for less than 50 hours. I am the second owner and the previous seller told me that it was new and he used it once or twice for testing. Included is the original box, hard case, a coiled and a straight cable and spare...
  14. denis


    These headphones are 1 month old. The sound is very detailed but I prefer the sound of my Etymotic ER-4s. They come with the original box and all the accessories. The price includes Paypal fees and shipping (postal recorded parcel).   Thanks for looking.   IN FACT, I KEEP THEM FOR...
  15. Nick01

    Shure 940

    Perfect condition. Accessories and box included.   Shipping and paypal extra.
  16. nw130d

    SRH940 a closed can replacement of the MS1i?

    Hi, anyone own both and thinks srh940 is a good closed can replacement of the MS1i? Any similar qualities like sound signature, sound stage..., thanks
  17. crinacle

    cMoy/E11 for SRH940, D2000 and Q/K701?

    Hi guys,   As per title, I was wondering if the cMoyBB and/or the E11 will be able to drive any of these headphones to a decent potential? Thanks.
  18. jimejam

    shure 940 and amps?

    First thing I must say is I love the sound of my shures!I know the shure 940 doesnt need a amp to sound good but how much of a difference can an amp make and which amp works best with the 940?If someone that has experience the 940 with and without an amp could please reply, it would be appreciated.
  19. Sopp

    SHURE SRH940 (like new condition)

      A set of like new Shure SRH940 for sale   I am the only owner. Lightly used. Mint condition. Comes with original packing and all accessories (box, 2 cables, 1 pair of replacement pads).   Price is $old + actual shipping cost. Paypal as a gift please, or additional 3% for Paypal...
  20. pasoleati

    SRH940/SRH840 pads for the SRH440

    I tried to search for appropriate threads but failed to come up with any so here it goes. I have the SRH440 and I really like them, but more breathable pads would be nice plus that the original stock pads are now hardening up and cracking. Many people here recommend the SRH840 pads but how about...
  21. IMAWolf

    Is the Shure SRH940 right for me? Any Kalafina fans?

    Hi guys, just got "seriously" into head-fi a few weeks ago when i got a real job =P.  Anyway, i'm looking for new headphones. I'm coming from a MS1000i and have done quite a lot of research, so far, the list goes something like: HD598/SRH940/DJ100.   Basically, i'm a BIG fan of Kalafina...
  22. M

    Denon AH-D2000 vs. SRH940 vs. SRH840 vs. DT990

    These are the phones that I am comparing, only theoretically. My thesis is that the SRH940 will sound more like the AH-D2000 than the two others. And that the SRH940 would be more like my music style. I dont like that the SRH840 lacks the low-end bass and has more middle. From the graph...
  23. wingwang

    Shure: SRH 940,amped or unamped?

    Hey everyone,im new with audiophile quality and im pretty set on a pair of SRH 940 headphones . Right now i only have my Ipod Nano 5th gen and i dont really want to spend money on an amp at the moment (so dont harp on me) i just want to know the sound quality that these headphones will pump out...
  24. fallow81

    Shure SRH940 DIY Cable. Where to buy Shure's Mini Jack Connector

    Hey.   I want to make some DIY cable for my Shure SRH940. The problem is that Shure's connector (mini jack stereo on the headphones side) is rather unique. Do you know where to buy such connectors ?   Thanks.
  25. Jordan8

    SRH940 to T70

    Would you guys consider SRH940 to T70 an upgrade?   or should i just save my money for t5p??   I used them mostly when i'm travelling or when i'm in the library.   Isolation is a must.   Otherwise can you guys give me some recommendation for other closed headphones that are...