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Shure srh940 vs the sennheiser hd 25 1 ii. (james mcprogger here you go)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bcasey25raptor, Jan 11, 2012.
  1. bcasey25raptor
    I'm going to try and keep this short and simple.
    I had james mcprogger ask me to compare these a month ago.
    Lets begin
    The shure srh 940
    These are meh, the vocals sound atrocious. Every thing else sounds great however. They are great for rock and metal due to the mids and highs emphases. They are bad for electronic.
    They are not bassy and to many lack bass. Vocals are very fake sounding. They sound muffled to me. This are smooth and non fatiguing. These are hard to drive and perform poorly from a portable source like an iphone.
    Sennheiser hd 25 1 ii
    These are imo the best portables under $200. The bass is emphasized enough to give it a good thump for electronic. The highs are well extended and the mids are well presented. These are v shaped frequency curve headphones. They can be however harsh on many recordings and source matters. These are relatively easy to drive and any portable player should handle it fine.
    For rock and metal music
    For you metal heads out there the sennheiser hd 25 1 ii  is vastly superior. Much funner and more realistic sounding.
    For electronic and bass music
    Again the sennheiser hd 25 1 ii is much superior but thats to be expected.
    For acoustic, folk, classical, and jazz
    Here is where the shure srh940 does well. But be warned if there is any vocals in the track it will sound awkward.
    Overall conclusions
    The hd 25 1 ii is a much superior headphone in every aspect except sound stage.

    Personal opinion?
    Avoid the shure srh940 like the plague. It's shures version of the beats. About 2x over priced for what it is.
  2. PomPWNius
    Woot woot. Can't wait to get my HD25 1 II in the mail. But please do not compare these to the beats... they are at least 4X better than beats Studio, for same price.
  3. PomPWNius
    Can you say a bit more about how the HD25 beats the SRH940 for rock/metal?
  4. bcasey25raptor


    I was comparing it as they are both over priced. The beats being 3x overpriced while the shure srh940 is 2x overpriced.
  5. bcasey25raptor


    It's got more aggressive bass. It's got shiny highs. And smooth mids. They do exceptionally well.
  6. PomPWNius

    lol whatever that means. i dont know this audio vocabulary haha. Well, my pairs coming on friday. I'll see for myself :)
  7. bcasey25raptor


    The highs/treble is well extended with a recession from 3-5 khz.
  8. Reanimation
    I just got my HD 25s in the mail today. Haven't really took them off yet. Best headphones I bought in my life (noob headfier). I heard the Shures before, they where OK.
  9. yd2zhang
    a proper amp maybe? Heard the shures sound much better with a decent desktop amp
  10. Arbite
    They are very different cans. The shures are hardly designed as portables, and have a far more neutral sound than the 25's. That said, the senns are more fun.
  11. PomPWNius

    So basically, in rock, cymbals will just be a bit softer?
  12. joelpearce
    Until you hear it, it's really hard to describe the difference between forward/aggressive headphones and laid back ones.  For rock, though, a pair of aggressive sounding headphones offer a lot more excitement.
    Unfortunately, the opposite is true for some other genres, gaming, and symphonic recordings.
  13. PomPWNius

    Is the SRH940 laid back? If so, I am really up to a complete change in sound signature. I am still at the beginning stages of audiophilism, finding the sound signature that I like. :wink:
  14. bcasey25raptor


    The srh940 is imo laid back
  15. PomPWNius

    Cool. I want it to sound bad to you guys lol. A week ago I wouldn't :p. Now that they are gone I do. I wasn't very impressed by them, compared to my ETY HF5 which I bought for $98. Only difference I heard was louder cymbals, and some random things in songs I didn't hear before.

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