Please help! Need a Portable Shure SRH940 Replacement...
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Apr 15, 2012
I have checked out many of the threads (here and in the full size section) and the buying guides but still have not been able to make a decision so here I am....
Dilemma: Bought the Shure SRH940 a week ago for use at work and found myself in the collective that hates the headband. After wearing for about an hour, my head begins to hurt and I have to take a break. Need a replacement asap that is more comfortable and has a bit more bass. Need a pair that I can wear for 3+ hours without removal.
Budget: $250
Music: Southern Gospel, Contemporary Christian, County, Jazz, Ambient, Rap/Hip-Hop/R&B, TV Shows/Movies
Use: At work and in transit. 
Source: Phone (Original Droid X) and PC. No amp.
Open/Closed: Closed with little to no leakage as possible. I like to be able to turn my music up without having everyone else hear it.
Comfort: A MUST as comfort is the reason I am here having to get another pair.
In/On/Over Ear: Prefer over the ear but am open to on the ear. Do not want IEM as they will not stay in one of my ears.
Current Headphones:
  1. Ultrasone PRO 750 - Love them. Comfortable. Thoroughly enjoy the sound stage, bass, etc.
  2. Shure SRH940 - Enjoy the sound especially the highs for jazz and women singers
Considering but open to other suggestions:
  1. Second pair of Ultrasone PRO 750. Would like something more portable if possible.
  2. Sennheiser PX 200 II
  3. Beyerdynamic DT770
  4. Sennheiser HD 25-1 II
  5. Beyerdynamic T50p
  6. Beyerdynamic DT1350
Thanks in advance!

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