1. john53

    Headphones with build quality problems.

    I'm not talking about cheap headphones.   I'm talking about some expensive headphones like shure srh940,sennheiser hd 59* series etc,that some people had problems with build quality (cracks).   I would like to see what other headphones are known to have similar or other build quality...
  2. TJ Max

    Need Closed Headphone reccomendation?

    Hi everyone! looking to replace a pair of Sennheiser HD558. Those are ok but a litte too dark sounding for me. Plus I want a close-back head phone this time, and a replaceable cord. Primarily I'd listen to these at home, through a TEAC UD-H01 dac, Onkyo TX-8050, and Onkyo C-7030. I'd mostly be...
  3. sniperwill0

    Headphones under $100 recommendations?

    Hey guys. I just got myself a $75 Amazon gift card from a friend, and I'm looking to invest in a second pair of cans. I currently own a pair of Shure SRH-940s, but I'd like to experience different sound. My budget is about $100 (including gift card). Right now, I'm considering the ATH-M50s, but...
  4. DDKL

    I need a jack-of-all-trades headphone

    Getting right to the point.   Used for:   -producing music, especially electronic. -listening to music for pleasure (obviously) -gaming (counter strike, horror games, etc.) -closed-back -analog, not USB -as flat as it can get -soundstage not too important, but sure why not...
  5. nick n

    New SPIDER " Moonlight " Closed Full-Sized. What a design!

    I did a search but nobody seems to have this posted up just yet. Hang onto your wallets! (Coming in Q2) 2012 Talk about design. I think it's aesthetically excellent, maybe you disagree. They were mentioned as hovering around the $399 mark retail on release. At least that's what the rep...
  6. RaheemJamaal

    $300 RANGE (I am new to Head-Fi as well)

    I definitely do not consider myself an audiophile yet, but I am starting to develop my ear for it. I am on a serious search for some new cans. I've owned the Audio Technica M50s which I loved, but the wiring frayed in the input jack. So I am planning on getting those completely re-cabled because...
  7. Squrre

    Closed headphones for competitive fps gamer $450 and rock music

    Hi i am seeking a pair of closed headphones for competative gaming. fps games.   Preferences:   Good isolation, gonna use them on lan events.   Good soundstage, i know its better on open then on closed but i want as good i can get. Really need to hear footsteps and details.  ...
  8. roughington

    Will it work?

    I was wondering if the Shure 940 pads will fit on my ultrasone hfi780.
  9. ProblemChild

    Jonsein' for a new pair of headphones...What should I get?

    Gonna order a new pair of headphones this weekend. Might at as well take advantage of the memorial day sales. What I should I get? I listen to rock and alt. rock primarily. I do like my bass but not crazy mudd low. I already have DT770 Pro's and Pioneer HDJ-2000. I use the Leckerton UHA-6sMkII...
  10. nkrueger

    What Headphones to buy for probable use with Schiit Vahala or Magni

    Hi everyone,   I am new to this site and am looking into getting a decent pair of headphones.  I have a small DAC / AMP combo and I like the sound, however after using my DAC with my coworkers ~500$ headphone AMP, I realize I need a better amp.   I am probably going to get either the Schiit...
  11. jmorgan127

    To AMP or Not to AMP - Driving Headphones in the $150-$300 Range

    So, I have a question for the group. Sorry, might be a bit of a newbie question and a bit long, but I would appreciate your collective wisdom.   I am somewhat of a budding audiophile and my “at work” headphones have finally give way allowing me to upgrade. My situation is fairly typical – cube...
  12. jordannn15

    Good ATH-M50 replacement pads?

    I am trying to find the best replacement pads for my ATH-M50X's. They need to be bigger on the inside than the stock pads because my ears touch the insides. It's not a huge deal whether they are pleather, velour, or something else. I really don't want to sacrifice the sound signature too much...
  13. smileyboy

    Sony MDR-1RBT replacement

    Hello, about 2 years ago I bought the Sony's and I loved them. I'm looking to get some new headphones. Anyone have any recommendations? I've been looking at the Nokia BH-940 can't seem to find them anywhere... And the Jabra Revos. Anyinr
  14. Btd31

    Best setup for a trucker?

    As the title mentions I am a truck driver. I drive over the road and I am home maybe once to twice a year. I need some suggestions for some headphones that sound great but are very durable and if possible have folding ear cups like on my sennheiser hd8 djs. Having wireless or bluetooth...
  15. spiritbuu

    Headphone Gurus: What Headphone is this?

    Hey everyone,   First post here and hopefully not the last. I want to pick the brains of headphone gurus out there in regards to the headphones in the below video...some say its AKG while other Beyerdynamics, I checked both but didn't find them. Closes one was Shure SRH 940 with the same...
  16. TheAdmiralty

    SRH-940 Driver Transplant Time

    Hey guys!   Well, the day is finally about to come when the headband on my poor old 940s finally fails entirely - a few hairline cracks around the swivels are really starting to open up and things aren't looking good.  Since I have my new Noble N5W's, though, I figure why not see if I can't...
  17. N

    AT ath-m50x vs. shure srh940 vs. denon d600

    soo basically after couple of weeks of search and alot of headphones, i've decided to buy one of these 3. i read alot of reviews and still dont know which one to take. i cant give more than 300$  thats why i choose this ones. i mostly want a headphone for listening to the pc and not taking it...
  18. Squeeesh

    Shure SRH940 and Beats Pro Potential Driver Swap

    Let me preface this by saying how much I like to fix things. As such I have acquired two sets of functional, but broken headphones that apparently were inconvenient to their previous owners.   The first pair is a set of Shure SRH940s that have cracked at their hinge (an overwhelmingly common...
  19. TheAdmiralty

    Back Again: SRH 940 Replacement Time

    I'm not sure I've ever seen one person carry on so many different threads as I have with discussions on what to do next about my aging SRH-940s.  I'll try to break this one up and make it a bit easier to read this time.   What I have / What I've Done:   Since you guys get ten thousand new...
  20. KElyas

    Any headphones similar to the SRH-940?

    Hey guys,   So I demoed the 940s the other day and must say that I was very impressed by them and loved the sound. My only gripe is the lack of mid bass (for me), making the drum kicks in certain songs not hit as hard as I would like. I'll be going to a larger demo room on Friday so can anyone...
  21. ag8908

    Recommend next level headphone for accuracy clarity (currently use srh940)

    I like the accuracy and detail of the shure srh940, even when it leads to hearing distortions in the recording. which headphones have even more detail and accuracy?
  22. grizzlybeast

    YOUR IDEAL HEADPHONE: What is yours if you could take one and tailor it to you?

    WHAT DOES YOUR IDEAL HEADPHONE LOOK AND SOUND LIKE? I have been been around the corner and back. Not all the way up to Summit -FI but around enough for me to know that my ideal hp doesn't really exist right now or I haven't heard it.    What is your ideal headphone if you can take one and...
  23. Xtron2112

    Shure 840 vs 940 for rock/metal (worried about durability)

    The 940 looks very tempting, but I am worried about the apparently fragile hinges.  Is it worth the risk?  How would the 840s do for Prog Rock/Metal/Alt Rock/Classic Rock? 
  24. overly0analysti

    Shure srh940-Rookie with questions. -aimed preferably to current or recent owners of these.

    Mid to High end Headphone experience (listed by value):      Koss Pro4AA <A few that aren't worth mentioning>   V-Moda m-80   Audio Technica ath-m50   Beats Pro... I did not pay full price for these so hold your hate.  A best buy employee bought these for me.   V-Moda m-100   Shure...
  25. kcahmadi

    Best headphone portable DAC amp for under $100

    Hey guys I recently got some sweet srh940s and now I want a portable amp to go with it.. mainly becaus emy laptops soundcard sucks (it has beats smh). What's the best amp under 100$ ? I've heard alot about the fiio e10, some suggested the e17. any other suggestions?  Thanks