SRH-940 Driver Transplant Time
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Mar 30, 2013
Hey guys!
Well, the day is finally about to come when the headband on my poor old 940s finally fails entirely - a few hairline cracks around the swivels are really starting to open up and things aren't looking good.  Since I have my new Noble N5W's, though, I figure why not see if I can't find a nice-looking and reasonably well built pair of headphones with a similar 40mm driver and see if I can't transplant Shure's drivers into it?  Being a computer/electrical engineering student, I have access to quite a bit of CNC milling and circuit fab equipment, and am quite handy with a soldering iron.  It's my job, after all. 

Anyway, I'm flipping through page after page of unimpressive $50-or-so cans... I know I'm not going to get something made out of solid magnesium with hand-laquered walnut cups at this price, but a recent microcontroller project has left me broke, and I figure these 940s couldn't get much worse than they already are; at least they'll be usable.  I'm specifically looking for something I can also stuff my SRH-1540 pads onto, so that really narrows things down quite a bit.
Anyone pulled off something similar to what I'm planning on doing?  Any thoughts on a good pair of donor cans that would make a nice housing?  Yes, I'm well aware that I'm looking at quite a bit of time spent tuning these back to a reasonable sound signature, since different cups will obviously sound different, but I figure that will give me something to do up here at least.  Some of these junk chinese-knockoff 'walnut'-cupped cans might be interesting... I might have some fun with the CO2 laser while I'm at it.  Hehe...
Much appreciated!
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Sep 3, 2012
check out Takstar Pro80 is you want headphones with larger oval earcups kinda cheap. I have used Philips Oneil Stretch for transplants four times already. The best mix of durable parts.

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