Jan 4, 2014
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    Headphone Inventory:
    Sennheiser HD800 because of any headphone I've heard, they come closes to the sound of speakers/live music.
    Shure SE846 for sound isolation
    Waiting for my JH Audio Roxanne universals to come
    Shure SRH940 because I like its distorted effect, sometimes
    The only other headphone I might try is the HE-6 or Stax 009 but both are doubtful and I'm pretty much done buying headphones

    I used to have a Fischer FA-003 / Brainwavz HM5 but I sold it
    I also used to have an Audeze LCD XC, that I no longer needed once I got the HD800s.
    I used to have a Shure SE425 but I didn't need it once I got the SE846
    I used to have a Sennheiser IE800 but, see my review
    I used to have a Beyerdynamics T1 but I returned it because I overpaid; see my review
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    I alternate between the following
    1. This cheap $40 little bear p1 12au7 tube amp I purchased from China plugged into an $87 PCM5102 amp I purchased from China whose bass/tube sound/warmth I like and which sound quite good when combined together.
    2. Burson Conductor Reference which is very technical sounding.
    3. Just direct connecting to my laptop/phones.
    4. My Yamaha stereo receiver which I drive via SPDIF in.

    I had that hfimediy sabre ESS9023, which I got rid of because while it sounded good it didn't do anything particularly special
    I used to have an Alpen E17 which I got rid of for the same reason, and I didn't think this sounded as good as the hifimediy
    I also had an Objective 2 amp that I got rid of because it too didn't seem to do anything
    Source Inventory:
    Mostly spotify 320k
    Some lossless wav files ripped from my CD collection.
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