1. thrand1

    $150-200 for upgrading Shure SRH-940

    Hi,   Currently own the Shure SRH-940s, which I feel do a great job with a lot of what I listen to. I am unsure if there is anything I can buy to help upgrade the sound even further. Currently my primary listening setup is an iPod Classic at my work desk. A few thoughts, random questions...
  2. Synyster48

    Dac for my shure srh940,newbie here..

    hi i'm still new in this audiophile world..i recently just bought shure srh940(also got grado sr80i my first true audio headphones) and i'm using it with my Xperia Z and also PC/notebook with 320kbps mp3 and flac music also. so i hope you guys can suggest me which good dac/amp to get..may...
  3. Schonen

    Do Shure 940 pads fit 840?

    Hate pleather due to sweating in the summer and am hoping the 940 velour pads will fit 840 so I can order a pair. Right now I have socks over my 840 pads but that is not "optimal".
  4. robm321

    Shure SRH-940 vs Beyer DT1350

    Just wondering how you guys think they compare or which you prefer, sound wise.
  5. klost

    Closed headphones 250$

    I'm doing a search on closed headphones in case someone can bring them from US to me. Budget is 250$, I can push it up to 300$ if there's any significant improvement. I do not have an dedicated sound card, so I guess I would have to buy an USB/DAC, any suggestions other than FiiO E10? (same...
  6. BJplusMilo21

    Help me choose between the Sennheiser Momentums, Beyerdynamic custom ones, or Shure SRH 940

    Hello, I'm looking for a new headphones and have tested a tired a lot of them. The ones that I liked were the Sennheiser Momentums, Custum Ones and the Shure SRH940.    The way that you can help me is to give me advice on the things that I could not try, in particular I'm interested in...
  7. D

    Shure srh940 mod

    Hi there   I wish to share this mod of the srh940 with you. I think the srh940 is an excellent choice if you like your treble and appreciate smooth clear mids. It's a very good choice if you want a monitoring headphone that pushes detail. On the other hand I personally would prefer a...
  8. mpawluk91

    Need good cans for my arrow 4g

    I need some thoughts on what headphones take advantage of the headstage arrow 4g's power. I already have some ue 6000 and they're awesome. My budget is right around 200 or leas
  9. markanini

    Oval velour replacement pads for V6, ATH-M30, Shure SRH

    All models have interchangeable pad sizes daddy love himself some velour pads! Known options: Beyer DT250 replacements Shure SRH940 replacements Pearstone/Auray deluxe Unconfirmed: HD418/HD419/HD438/HD439 Please tell if you had a chance to compare the different velour pads side by-side.
  10. sofastreamer

    Significant upgrade from SRH940?

    Hi there,   i dumbwise sold my customized srh940s and need something that can fill the hole it has left. so if i do buy a new headphone it should have at least the qualitys of the shure but should be better soundwise also.   what i am looking for:   - even more details than the...
  11. desiknow

    Have a $500 credit, help me pick!

    Hey guys, I've been a longtime observer, first time poster. I currently have a Audioengine D1 and a pair of their A2's for my office. I wanted to get some good cans so I can listen to stuff at a more moderate volume without bothering my neighbors at work. I have a $500 Credit at guitar...
  12. desiknow

    Have $500 to spend, help me pick!!

    Hey guys, I've been a longtime observer, first time poster. I currently have a Audioengine D1 and a pair of their A2's for my office. I wanted to get some good cans so I can listen to stuff at a more moderate volume without bothering my neighbors at work. I have a $500 Credit at guitar center...
  13. Ameixa

    Is the upgrade worth the price?

    Looking at shure's srh840 and srh940, there's a $100 difference. Is the upgrade worth the price?
  14. MfiveM

    Shure SRH940 Headphone - Now shipping @

      The new Shure SRH940 headphone is now in stock! Order today and receive Free UPS Ground Shipping!   Click here for more SRH940 info and to order today!
  15. gelocks

    Shure SRH940 or Ultrasone or other?

    Hello everyone. I'm aware there's a big thread regarding recommendations, etc. but I don't know if I would get more replies there than on a stand-alone thread... anyway...   My home headphones are on their last breath and I'm looking to replace those at home with the ones I use every day...
  16. romarin329

    Ipod Classic / MacBook Pro / Shure srh 940 - Do I need an Amp ?

    Hi all,   I happy to share my passion with you guys.   I come from Marseille, France and this is my first post. I've always attached lot of importance to sound quality. I got a nice Hifi but I like to hear music in the night, that's why I just acquired the mentionned above headphones...
  17. Baiton

    Fiio E5 to drive Shure SRH 940s

    Thoughts? Good combo?
  18. nw130d

    SRH940 a closed can replacement of the MS1i?

    Hi, anyone own both and thinks srh940 is a good closed can replacement of the MS1i? Any similar qualities like sound signature, sound stage..., thanks
  19. crinacle

    cMoy/E11 for SRH940, D2000 and Q/K701?

    Hi guys,   As per title, I was wondering if the cMoyBB and/or the E11 will be able to drive any of these headphones to a decent potential? Thanks.
  20. jimejam

    shure 940 and amps?

    First thing I must say is I love the sound of my shures!I know the shure 940 doesnt need a amp to sound good but how much of a difference can an amp make and which amp works best with the 940?If someone that has experience the 940 with and without an amp could please reply, it would be appreciated.
  21. pasoleati

    SRH940/SRH840 pads for the SRH440

    I tried to search for appropriate threads but failed to come up with any so here it goes. I have the SRH440 and I really like them, but more breathable pads would be nice plus that the original stock pads are now hardening up and cracking. Many people here recommend the SRH840 pads but how about...
  22. IMAWolf

    Is the Shure SRH940 right for me? Any Kalafina fans?

    Hi guys, just got "seriously" into head-fi a few weeks ago when i got a real job =P.  Anyway, i'm looking for new headphones. I'm coming from a MS1000i and have done quite a lot of research, so far, the list goes something like: HD598/SRH940/DJ100.   Basically, i'm a BIG fan of Kalafina...
  23. M

    Denon AH-D2000 vs. SRH940 vs. SRH840 vs. DT990

    These are the phones that I am comparing, only theoretically. My thesis is that the SRH940 will sound more like the AH-D2000 than the two others. And that the SRH940 would be more like my music style. I dont like that the SRH840 lacks the low-end bass and has more middle. From the graph...
  24. wingwang

    Shure: SRH 940,amped or unamped?

    Hey everyone,im new with audiophile quality and im pretty set on a pair of SRH 940 headphones . Right now i only have my Ipod Nano 5th gen and i dont really want to spend money on an amp at the moment (so dont harp on me) i just want to know the sound quality that these headphones will pump out...
  25. fallow81

    Shure SRH940 DIY Cable. Where to buy Shure's Mini Jack Connector

    Hey.   I want to make some DIY cable for my Shure SRH940. The problem is that Shure's connector (mini jack stereo on the headphones side) is rather unique. Do you know where to buy such connectors ?   Thanks.